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The personality of 'language' defined and explained


Topical questions:
     ·         What is language?
     ·          Who is language?  and
     ·           Where is language?

 Before proceeding, it is important to note that language is not seen in a literal view.  But language is a MAN rather than just a FORM, SYSTEM or even PROCESS.
That is the reason it has POWER.

            WHAT IS LANGUAGE?
     ·        Is a form of communication using words either spoken or gestured and signs with the hands or body and structured with grammar, often with a writing system.
     ·        Language is any form of expression that let man react  
     ·        Language is a reflection of thought

            WHO IS LANGUAGE?
      Are you surprised? Don’t be.  Language is a man and that man is you and I.
·        Language is that man that is able to make people cry, laugh, excited, overwhelmed and so on. The strength of language brings about the possibility of reducing an entity to a non-entity and is also able to make a King go on his knees. Even though it’s just conveyed through spoken words, gestures, signs and symbol, it still passed across by someone who is associated with the said language.  As such, language itself is not alone.  Hence, it is among the community of man and man regards him as one among the cadre of humanity.
·        Language is the man that reveals our identity to people
·        Language is not a ‘phrase, it’s not just a sentence’, but a ‘PERSONALITY’

·             Language is in every individual on earth. It comes automatically
·             It is in the womb of every mother – even the baby in the mother’s womb is the language we talk about and once he is born, he would not thought in any school or trained in any training centre to learn his mother tongue.  That is why the said language lives in every mortal on earth.
·             It is here and there with man - Everywhere is a carrier of language as long as man survives in such places.  Because, it is language that makes man understand every environment he finds himself.  Without language, there is no environment.
·             Language can be found in everything we do – Every field of study, area of specialization, profession, career and what have you cannot exist without this language. The brain captures every action before it is executed and communicates to the body on what to do and how to do it.  The process of communication in which the brain is involved is a product of LANGUAGE.  So, there is no place where language could be avoided. 
·             Language is a product of God-given breath of life in humanity – When God created the world, it was through the word of mouth He did that.  That word of mouth is through language. That means, language is found in the spoken word of man.

Without humanity there is no language and without language, there is no community. Both the community where man is found and man himself is regarded as the person of language. It could be Spanish, English, French, Chinese and so on.  Therefore, the speakers of any language speaks themselves, nothing more.  That is why language is recognized greatly to be an important culture of a people.  These people tell whom they are through what they say, how they say it and the portrayal effects of what is being said.  Hence, it is of a great degree to understand that language is not just a system, but a personality of a people

       How does language possess power?
        If language is considered a man, it must have power to function
 “Without language, man cannot survive”.  That is ‘the power of language’
           Without language, there would be no greetings –‘Vanakkam’
            Without language, there will be no Clothing – Saree and dhoti
          Without language, there would be no Food – Dosai, samba…

How is language powerful like a man?
“Culture is the mother to a people and language is the father”
·        Clothing, food, material resources etc is the MOTHER (Culture) of the society of the world.
Different languages of the world teaches man, as parents do to know that man must say:
·        Good morning, welcome, goodbye and so on to all, apologies, manner of approach
·        Abide by school, college rules, association’s constitution, Live an exemplary life.
·        Language finds someone when he is lost, etc. – It is only communication processes that would enable one to help another to be found when lost.  These processes involved in communication is nothing but language.

·        Language is unique in its powerful existence!
Because man die, but language does not.
Language is the only man on earth that when others die, he lives
·        The eye we look is language
·        The smiles and laughter we show is language
·        Speaking cannot be achieved without language
·        Dancing is language
·        Learning is language
·        Fighting is language
·        Sleeping is language
·        Death and birth is language
·        Even when the person does not exist, people keep talking about him.  Such is language being alive (Even when men die)

“Language is a great personality life and humanity should count on”
“Without language, there is no identity”
“Without identity, there is no humanity”
“Without humanity, there is no world”
“If there is no world, nothing exists”
Therefore, Language is powerful and the power of language is you and I.  

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