Tuesday, 26 July 2016


In daily basis, there are things said to keep man alive and as such, let one be recognized a human. There are still people out there who don’t consider these things, and end up bugging their lives, or even living a life of self-enmity. Psychologists believe that everyone need the following to live life to the fullest and be enriched with life’s blessings.

Laugh and smile often:

These two are indeed among the sinews of life.  They make people live long and keep happy all day.  Though, there are certain moments when people tend not to be happy for inevitabilities, maybe hardship, tension or stress.  But the truth is, everyone got to find a way to press forward because, not smiling or even laughing often reduces life span of an individual.  So, don’t hurt yourself by not practicing smiling and laughing.  They purifies the heart, soul and mind; and thereby helps one to be psychologically alert.

Talk to people:

There are numerous people out there believed to have chosen to be isolated from the neighborhood.  This is absolutely wrong. You can agree with me that the isolated easily grow old; not by age, but by their physical appearance.  Take for instance, you meet someone who is 30 years old, thinking he’s 50 or more.  His unsociable attitude is behind the scene.  So, look at the mirror, check your physical appearance; and if you tend to be older than your age, you’re not associating with people.

Avoid being angry without a cause:

If you are among those who cannot let go the stimulations of anger for triviality, know that something is wrong.  Anger is one of the lives’ phenomenal properties and should be followed carefully.  As anyone is exposed to the risk of being angry, there are possibilities of creating room for the devil in one’s heart.  And when that happens, such persons affected may do irrevocable acts; which may lead them to problems.  So avoid anger.

Overcoming grudges:

For those who are not familiar with the subject, it simply means harbouring certain feelings within you; probably someone wronged you, knowingly or unknowingly.  The truth is, this act is capable of killing anyone before his time. Most times, the person you have this negative feelings for is ignorant of the goings-on, yet you have evil thoughts against him.  Moreover, he would be feeling very fine, healthy and strong, while you are busy hating him and depreciating in all ramification. Just learn how to let issues go, and also learn to forgive people who wrong you. If God can forgive you your sins, you should also be in the position to forgive others.  So, work on this now by reconciling with those you have negative for.

Make people talk about you:

This one may seem awkward right?  But it is certain that if no one talk about you, either for good or bad, you do not exist.  Hence, people saying their views about you simply means you live and that is normal.  Don’t see it as some crazy things.  Now, how can you make people talk about you? One can be a subject of a topic if he makes people smile especially.  Try to put smile on people’s face.  They will surly appreciate and talk about you, and it will pave way for you, and give you a bright future. Be a light unto people, and see what I’m talking about.       

The above when practiced accurately helps in adding life to people, and gives room to happy living.  As such, try to see the above stated as daily routine.  You’ll surely live a happy life.             

Thursday, 14 July 2016


Anything you want to do is you, yourself I mean.  And whatever you want to do towards personal, family or societal growth is definitely possible.  Don’t say or have it that you cannot do it.  Maybe, you are young, inexperienced or discouraged by people around.  But the truth is, whatever be you, is you and whatever you have as to conviction that you can do is exactly what will take you to the top. So, don’t disparage that voice that says you can; as long as what you tend to do or are doing is that which is morally acknowledged.

Sometimes, friends, family or even bias thoughts can let you know that you cannot do it.  Though it’s normal because there must be such things that will like to hinder you, or even discourage you.  But don’t stop there.  Carry on and hit the nail at the head.  Haven started doing those things you long to do, you may not be perfect at first, but you will surly make it, as long as you engage in constant practice.

Don’t be afraid of failure.  Those who feared failure never made it and there is a tendency that those who avoid failure may not make it, unless miracle is involved.  So appreciate failure and carry on. A contemporary quote says - “Failure is a lubricant that will enable you fit into the tight cadre of greatness”.  Hence, learn from your mistakes and never give up.  

Learn how to rebuke the spirit of “I don’t think I can do it”.  Really it works.  Ever since I learnt to do so, I have been conquering challenges of failure.  Having the thought of failure always make people fail.  And the tendency of this being true is 95 percent.  So try to tell yourself that you can do it; always have positive mindset on things you do.  There are countless lads out there who made it at tender age, because they were courageous.  I call them lad because, that’s what they are, to have achieved something great.

We may appreciate the youngest noble prize winner; Miss Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani girl, who at tender age started what she loved most, Seeking to go through academia (amidst stiff-necked circumstances), and standing for the youngsters all of the world, in order to activate child’s awareness programs – especially female children and lady-youths. Now, she’s the most ever notable young political activist.  Therefore, I believe you can make it as she did.

Finally, believe in yourself. Trust the personality of yourself.  Stop counting others greater than you are.  No one is created to be great.  But everyone bears the image of greatness, and greatness will never be, unless such person starts setting goals and working towards achievement.  Hence, those who are great today is as a result of their hard work.  And never seek for shortcuts, because shortcuts are evil and leads one to destruction.  Just go through the normal process. You will make it. Always say to yourself with confidence and faith – I can make it; pray to God, work towards it and see yourself blossom in greatness.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Stage fright being an impulse of tension, fears and body-inactiveness while on stage is a natural phenomenon and shouldn’t be seen as an offence when it occur to you or any other person.  Even professional speakers sometimes encounter stage fright before mounting the stage or immediately they get to the verge of the stage. So, don’t have it to be a constraint towards speaking in the public or addressing a group of people.  Just do the following and overcome it

Mop the audience, instead of looking right in their eyes:

The faces of audience is very scary when addressing them.  Because, everyone will have his eyes on you while you speak.  The eyes can make anyone fall to his feet on stage, this is the reason people don’t like going to the stage. They don’t know where and how to look at the audience.  But the way out is this; If you must look at them, you have to do what is called mopping, making up your face to their forehead instead of looking directly into their eyes.  As a beginner speaker, once you look into their eyes, you may get intimidated and tend to forget the next thing to say.  So, mopping is the way out of this

Note: Moping in this context doesn’t mean you should wear a scary face that is deficient of smiles and cheerful outlook.  While moping at their forehead, you smile when necessary.  Nobody will notice what you are doing.   

Don’t have the notion that you are addressing people bigger than you:

This is one of the reasons people fear the stage.  They have it in mind that there is a possibility that the audience is more experienced and bigger than they are. Therefore, they fear to go on stage.  No, that’s not it.  At the moment of being on stage, you are the MAN on stage and you have to erase every notion of having people who are greater present.  Just go on and say what you have in mind.  Don’t even worry if the President of the country happen to be there.  Ride on and blow the dust off your eyes.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes:

People never wanted to make mistakes.  But the truth is this, those who fear mistakes never made it.  Mistake is a part of learning and when it occur, it is a good tool for correcting it. When people learn by mistakes, they grow greater.  Also, no one is above the said mistake.  So, there is no need being afraid of it.  All you need do is, making a simple, yet quick correction of the mistake to tell the audience that you know what you are doing. Immediately it occur, you can say things like – Am sorry, I mean…. I beg your pardon, it should be…. Oh! Am meant to say…. Or even make a slight joke out of it.  But try to keep it very simple. Hence, mistake is normal and shouldn’t be taken to the extreme.

Practice, practice, practice:

Perfect practice makes one perfect they say, is true.  Every speaker before becoming a professional must have gone through practices on how to appear on stage. Start taking topics and speak on them in front of your friends, family and relatives.  Let them be your judge, to see how good you go.  Don’t be discouraged by any of their negative confessions.  Just ride on, and on.  Also get to answer and ask questions. And finally get to be acquainted to those who are already into it.  They will teach you better and also let you know all the tactics and skills of becoming a good stage user.

Saturday, 2 July 2016


It has kept many in dilemma, because they couldn’t afford it, as though it is food or money.  Though the society wouldn’t take a great man by virtue of natural skills and talent; if he hadn’t anyone in his file or paper-bank.  But is this how it should really be?  Well, what has been has been. It takes only those with foresight towards the subject to direct it for good.  Because, most employers will never have anyone employed in his office if he has no certificate; even though he may possess the potentials beyond those that have one.  You see, it is well proven that the subject itself is nothing but a paper.  I mean a mere paper and not the required potentials, skills, strength, intelligence and all that.  And that is the problem of the society today.

Some will always complain that there are no good jobs, whereas there are countless job opportunities out there. This complaint comes haven been interviewed.  And after the interview result is out, it would be that the interviewee failed, and even having oral statements which are in contrast to what is stated in his certificate.  Then what is the need of acquiring such paper? The truth is, employers need and want those who have what it takes to help contribute towards the goal of the company or institution; nothing more or less.  In the other hand, employers strictly want those with certificates.  If not, no job.  Obviously, those they disparage - not having the said certificate in most cases are the human-material they actually need.  But they ignore them and go after those they want; and end up not making it at top regarding meeting up with their expectations.

The question is, why has this paper made man a tool of ridicule and man allows that?  It is really not funny.  The fact that he doesn’t have the paper (as I call it), doesn’t mean he can’t do the work effectively as you wish to have it be done.  Hence, consideration should be that this subject be treated accordingly and give room to those who are not opportune or privileged to have the said paper.  Moreover, Mr. Williams Shakespeare hadn’t any, yet he is, even at death considered the greatest and frequently ever quoted personality in the world, as long as Literature is concerned.  You see, every field of study anyone engages in and is perfect towards it, is not all about what he acquired from studies or what certificate has given him.  But those special qualities he has been blessed with by God.  Been enrolled into professional courses is just to backup those inborn quality and be called a graduate or one who has acquired a certificate – The name; that’s all.  But many can concur that some persons before graduation have become what they have earlier wished to become.  They just waited or are waiting to have that paper, which probably waste quality time for those who needed to have showcased their expertise on what they know how to do best.

Why do I have to speak on this? Because, I have seen, (not told or think) where men who have no certificate reveal what they have through practical. And they did very well more than those who have it.  Many successful businessmen and women applied nothing but the entrepreneurial attributes and skills in them.  Hence, they make it today; yet they have no papers. In as much as they are yet uneducated, some educated scholars come to them to seek advice, coaching and follow their seminar or even make them personal matron or patron, just to be like or more than them.  Did it just sound like an irony?  Well, it may have sounded as such, but reality remains what it is, and no eraser can erase it.  So, dear employer and recruiter have these ones without papers show you what they got.  Just give them some time, monitor their inputs and outputs.  Promise have it that you will not regret having them. 

Do you know that in most cases those who have no papers do better than those who have?  And reason is, those who have will always have the notion that they can never be rejected by most firms, companies or institutions, because they have a handsome certificate and tends to care less regarding their field of study.  While those who have none are totally the opposite.  They’ll be dedicated, careful and keep practicing, even in private to make it high, hoping that even though they got no papers to speak for them, their physical technicality will, and that’s it.  Also, there is this wonderful quote I use often, which states – Certificate is just a paper and is irrelevant without knowledge, skills, and potentials. Therefore, “disparage not those you need and go after those you need not, but want”.  

Friday, 1 July 2016

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