Saturday, 9 December 2017

Human Packaging Industry – WHO WORKS HERE?

What is packaging?

Originally, this words is meant for business engagements of packing into box, containers, shaping and getting ready for SALE of any product. Maybe, that could be simple definition, and may have a better one.

However, the question and lesson to be learnt from this place is – how has human packaging turn humanity into products?

You see people, while human packaging is the order of the day, in order to be among the happening personalities in town, it is done out of immaturity and childishness. You know why? Originality is sincerity, and if anyone has never learnt how to be original or sincere, such person is still a kid (you are free to prove this wrong).

On the other hand, those who think that packaging is the right thing to do in order to soar higher in disguise, it is actually a disguise of misuse of oneself, and hiding behind the scene of fake life. It is purely fake, and that is not you.

The worst thing ever that can happen to anyone is to become nothing from something, and be reduced from human-humanity to human-product. Do you actually know what human-packaging is in the right senses? It is nothing but selling yourself by letting yourself to be manufactured from nothing by yourself, packing yourself into nothing by you and giving yourself nothing, all by you. This is the business engagement whereby you are both the manufacturer and the seller, while your industry remains what could be seen as ‘LIABILITY-OF-NO-ASSET’.

It is obvious that those who package themselves are those who really need to be helped, but are ashamed to be sincere.
What do you actually gain from packaging?

Your packaging would have once, twice or more made you miss that great opportunity or whatever award it could be, because you refused to show your real self in order to be helped by a friend – he or she assumes that you are really well-to-do person, while in the actual sense you are not what you are.

You have gained shame at last while packaging – nothing that is packaged in life, be it a product or human-product that would not be unpackaged. So a day will come when you will be unpackaged, and you know what that means – to reveal who you truly are, and that shames you at last. If it hasn’t occurred to you yet, don’t assume that your case is different. This world is a small world, so you cannot live a packaged life forever. Even though you an expert, one day you will get married, and your spouse would have to contend with you.

PACKAGING IS AS GOOD AS BLOWING OFF YOUR LIGHT, and why do that to yourself? Most people pray ceaselessly against what is after them – this is very dangerous especially while you pray against something you are the cause. You can’t package yourself in a box where there is no light and expect light to come your way. Things that are hidden remain hidden until they are unpackaged. Even when you go to the mall or shop to get a product, sometimes some products are doubted beyond packaging. This is to say that no matter how nice and attractive they look, there is this string of doubt that may arise in your mind, which persuades you for a sample. And if you can’t reach the sample, you would probably lose the courage to buy that product.  

The same thing is applied to all men. You got to unpack your human-package so that your helper would have good sight to see you clearly and know where to start to help you. If not, your packaging would always scare them, as they would assume that you are the wrong person to be helped, while in reality and inside of you, you are desperate for help.

Just a take people, and thanks for reading.

Friday, 6 October 2017

'WHITE TALE' BEHIND THE FOURTH WALL THEATRE – American College Madurai - Onyeuche Godson

English Literary Association (ELA) – The Department of English, American College, Madurai

Hear what He got to say
You would of have heard of Fourth Wall Theatre of American College, or probably your first time. And in case you’ve heard about it, there are tales regarding the theatre which are called WHITE yet to be known, and the story is narrated here. The questions one should ask himself or herself is,
What is this tale I’m yet to know?

First, the community of theatre has got to an era when its exhibition is beyond mere entertainment, and fun. In this present time, theatre and stage plays have come to stay and to fix a thread of million reconciliation of conflict in the society, as well as the global village. This is to say that stage plays have touched lives through purgation of emotional tension, known as catharsis. Tragedy as seen in plays is not meant to break the heart of audience, or to put them in fears; but to help them understand the meaning of life in its totality, in order to be cleansed from their negative and as well as inhuman aspect of life, and by so doing they are psychologically transformed which help one to see the good side of life, and to follow it as well. This is one of the functions of play (tragedy). 

In regards to the above, it is therefore important that people have view of stage plays, as moral life, and one-sided story of life will never remain the same. In case you have a nature of ‘theatre-not-my-thing’, you have not stepped into the other side of life, as the art and act of literature is purely centered in the totality of human life of all creeds, culture and traditions.      

Coming to Fourth wall theatre, American College;

It all started from nothing to something, from ‘play-play’ to ‘serious-play’, and from zero wall to Fourth Wall.  In the early 1980’s the Oberlin Shansi (An International Exchange Programme House), in the campus of American College had its exchange programme students stage plays – mostly comedy, which was then directed by Professor J. Vasantha (A music/drama Critic and excellent Director), who was a Professor of English in American College. Mr. N Elango (Head, Post Graduate & Research Department of English, American College), the Founder and Director of Fourth Wall Theatre was a student of Mr. J. Vasantha then. He worked as a stage Manager, under the theatre group of Mr. Vasantha known as The Curtain Club.

The Curtain Club staged mostly comedies of British Writers, such as Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw, etc. Thereafter, Mr. Elango after passing through the institution became an Assistant Professor in American College in 1986, and formed the Fourth Wall Theatre in 1987. The fourth Wall started with plays both in Tamil and English languages, and excelled handsomely in classic plays in 1995 through the head work of Triad – the group of three in one Association. Their first classic play to be staged was Hayavadana by Girish Karnad in 2003 (ran for 12 shows). Other staged plays are as follows;

  • The Zoo Story by Edward Albee – 1996; perfomed in Pegasus – Cultural event of the English Department, American College.
  • In 2004, Shakespearean drama started – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice, Macbeth, and As You Like It.
  • In 2010, Eugene O’neill’s The Hairy Ape
  • The Bear by Anton Chekhov
  • Then, The Twelfth Night

Casts of Hamlet at work to keep the script in the head - October, 2017 

The journey of the Fourth Wall continued in its theatric generation, and brings unique light of White Tales till date. Obviously, the Fourth Wall was the first theater to stage Shakespearean drama in the whole city of Madurai, which drew the attention of great number of audience with 50, 000 students. It ran 12 shows, with 2 shows daily. And talking of earlier stage plays, Hamlet will make the eighth Shakespearean play to be staged by the Fourth Wall Theatre.   

Mr. N. Elango, Director, Fourth Wall Theatre - AMC.

In an interview with the Founder and Director of Fourth Wall, Mr. N. Elango, on Wednesday, 4th October, 2017; he states that this year’s play (HAMLET) to be staged from Monday, 9th to Saturday, 14th October, 2017 is birthed in order to draw attention to human relationship – family and friends. According to him, as we cultivate soil, the human relationship should as well be cultivated. He further illustrates that cultivation cannot do in human relationship, but should be consciously and carefully nurtured. His question is,

What then is human relationship, and can it be taken for granted? –To be answered by the casts, through their artistic recreation of Hamlet, so be there!

Furthermore, He says,

‘Human communication has become inadequate to conserve human relationship’. 

As a result, it is important that the audience out there come to see this year’s play (Hamlet), in order to let them feel what human relationship truly is, and how it can be cultivated and nurtured. His message extends that the theatre stage is highly beneficial, and that cast and characters got to deliver a strong message to be interpreted by them, as well as the audience.    

Monday, 2 October 2017


The 4th Annual Sport Meet/Cultural Day, 2017

Seeing through the bright lights of sports cum cultural reflections, all by these kids; it gives some relief to the body, and waters the souls of those who can’t afford watering-the-soul in any currencies.

Eyewitness is better than to be told, and to be told in reality of undoubtable stance is better than false eyewitness.  

The questions which arise often regarding the cultural differences in the world has got to its peak, to put curiosity in the mind of the concerned. The fact is, peeping through their distinctive nature got nothing of distinction to say, if not for language of such culture. The practices of sports and cultural day, as witnessed here in India is not far from that of Africa (Nigeria), or any other continent of the world. The only thing one can perceive is just the little differences in their dances, and what name such culture is called. Apart from these, the costume is almost the same, and that brings the global entity of humanity to a trace of one ancestor – these kids at KMR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL are a verifiabletool of proof.  

Standing in lines, elevated in the spirit of admiration and acknowledgement in respects to other cultures all over the world. Though happening here in India, but it puts a humane attachment of what can be said to be ‘Culture in diversity’, which only kids can be used to innocently and sincerely portray to be what has no stain in it, as their minds and thoughts are yet tender. Their costume speaks better than words can tell, and which in no doubt is expressed through their dance steps, and the smiles that reflects across their ‘tender cheeks’. 

Placed on the platform are kids, who, without the obvious revelation of their skin colour, or an eyewitness would be taken for any other kids, and one might think it’s all about Nigerian kids or those from any other part of the world. But the fact remains that human nature and characteristics has no strict or rigid symbols – all are same in the head and level of human acknowledgement.
Colours of rain (falling on the umbrellas) – what can one think of this, or assume it could be? What is the meaning of colours of rain? Does rain have colours, or could it be a metaphor to paint lively the event? Anyone should understand that what kids do can be interpreted by them alone, whether it is wrong or right. And when anyone tries to correct them, it would fall on rocky soils. This is not to say that kids are foolish or yet ignorant, not knowing what they say. It takes the eye of those who feel the ‘inside heart’ of kids to comprehend what they say, and how they see it.

The concentration of kids in some issues of life is beyond the comprehension of an ordinary eye, because their inspiration and insightful notions can be seen as metaphysical.

Here, they are raising up their umbrellas in assumption to have some pour on them accompanied by some melodious dances. That’s the genuine nature of kids. Adults cannot do this, because they are adults, and adulthood is unquestionably a period when man is denied the joy of ‘freely-giving-without-dilution’. This is to say that any adult found in the midst of those kids would be labeled a gest or ‘adult-kid’, and that is why the world of kids is the best.

In conclusion, the question is, would you as a school Principal, children Coordinator (in different areas), Parent, Guardian or an Elder allow your kids to participate and flower the water-flow of other cultures other than yours? Many would say ‘yes’ to this. But how flexible and easy does it seem to let happen?  Anyone who love and enjoy childhood, either their own or any growing children around will definitely see through what kids see.

·        The wish they can fly to the skies like the eagle
·        They wish to travel round the world, by physical exploration, visual realism, or even let them do something to feel those places they long to visit.
·        Kids wish to see the global community right in their schools, homes, churches, social gatherings and other places they can be allowed to perform.
·        Kids wish to get into your head and perform some mechanical activities to let you understand how much kid they are
·        They wish to see their big dream come to pass – to make the world a better place; and that is why they sincerely engage in some events of ‘cultural diversity’, which might bring the world to an understanding of unification.
·        Kids wish not to wish to grow older – they actually know that getting old is less worth childhood.
·        They wish to do something nobody has ever done, but they question how it could be possible – it’s time you let them explore through what they love doing.
·        Kids wish to create their own community, as ‘KIDS’ ESTATE’ in order to push away anything that could thrust them into jeopardy.
·        Kids wish to have their own kids (which is only possible in their stream of consciousness), so that they can take care of those imaginary kids of theirs, just to show parents and guardians how much care they need.

·        Kids are kids, and wish to be loved for no reasons. 

This exploration here in India is a source of joy to those who witnessed the day. What kids do cannot be undone, especially their capability to draw maps of joy in the heart of those who never planned to be joyous. However, it is not just about the kids alone, but also about those who care to see what kids can contribute to the society – Parents, Guardian, School Heads and Teachers, children’s Coordinator, and others. These are got to be appreciated for making good kids – just like those at KRM International School, Madurai.  

Sunday, 20 August 2017



In the inner you, you hear voices like that of tsunami or earthquake telling you how poor in strength you are to persevere and to do that which you find so dearly to do, and which you can benefit from. And each time these voices come, they present to you some pictorial narration to let you agree that you are not equal to the task, that the said task which you plan to achieve (I wouldn’t know what it is – whatever it could be) is bigger than you, heavier than you can carry, and stronger than ‘your own strong’.

This is not real. These are some designed psychological paintings and ‘fictitious-something’ that seem realer than they are. I tell you, the eyes is the second strongest entity that can weigh a man down, after the tongue. Now, your thoughts have said it, and pass messages to your eyes, which confirms it that those things you plan to achieve are not possible. Who said so? Don’t let what you have control you, control what you have. Tell your eye that it is one of the members of your body, and you are the man in charge, who decide what is big and what is not. Tell your thoughts that it is merely a part of you that can let you decide and take precautions and not ‘you’, you are. Let your heart be the engine of your soul. Let your heart tell you that you are capable of doing something great.

The journey of a thousand mile they say, starts with a step. Then if you aren’t going to let those cumbersome thoughts go, and start from the little attempt at hand, I tell you, the eyes is so tricky to let you know that you can’t achieve your goals. Many who have achieved what they have now can’t still figure out that it could be possible to achieve those. They have almost given up, if not for the sake of some spoken words, words of motivation – such words as these coming to you.

You need not look back because someone said you can’t do it. It kills the spirit

You need not look back because no one in your family has ever achieved it. Failure to achieve a thing isn’t hereditary. It is about your fate, and yours isn’t empty, proceed.

You need not look at the failure of others and assume the same thing would happen to you. Who said so? You are not them. You are you, and everyone has a distinctive entity that makes him different from others – you have not tried

You need not be afraid of failure. It is a lubricant that will let you fix into the cadre of greatness. If you fail, learn from it and persevere. Next time you could be better. When you fail, it doesn’t mean you have failed forever. There is no inscription of failure on your forehead, check well.

You need not let the little resource(s) tell you that you have nothing to start with. Resources are not the power-point to make it in life. The power-point is the mind, wisdom and diplomacy to utilize the little you have, so start from the little and grow to the big. A mansion was not built in a day

Don’t be weighed down by any circumstance at hand – those are mere thoughts that are framed into your mental process to think they are real. The heart as said earlier is the engineer. Always be optimistic, inspire and motivate yourself. Beat your chest and continue doing that which can make you great sooner. Disregard friendless statements that can weight you down. But be sensitive enough to discern which is a sincere advice and misleading process. Be wise, creative, and strong. Be heavier than the heavy thinkable streams of failure going on in your mind.

That which you want to achieve, start now to do it, don’t wait till tomorrow because there is no tomorrow. Today was once called a tomorrow, and here it is a today. So let your tomorrow be the now you can’t afford to lose.    

Best wishes!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


A little girl was asked to make a wish, she began,
‘I wish to be an animal so that I can have peace of mind’.
 Imagine! Not even to be like any personality on earth. At least to be like a role she should have admired, but an animal. Isn’t that interesting? It is obvious that no one could fit what she desires – a trouble-free life. This is what the world needs – a trouble-free life. But the possibility for life to be so is zero percent. So, the little kid is right in her wish.   

Examine the world of animals – WHAT A GENEROUS AND KIND WORLD! Just see this. It is evidential that animals are far better than man. The only privilege man got over animals is the advance sense of reasoning, yet man cannot reason properly. It’s painful to see animal over man in all. The supposed advance sense of reasoning that is gifted to man has automatically become the birthmark of animals, while man occupy the state of the said animals. If chances are given to animals, they make good leaders. 
  • ·        I don’t know if one has seen any animal brush its teeth, yet theirs remain neater than that of man
  • ·        Most animals don’t take baths, no makeups, no costumes, etc yet they look more beautiful than man
  • ·         Animals don’t go to church, yet they keep to good moral standards
  • ·        Animals don’t betray each other, they love themselves, while man is always busy planning how to kill his own family
  • ·         Animals don’t go to school, college or University, yet they have knowledge of art, science and technology to better their lives
  • ·        They don’t conduct elections, yet their leaders are assured without oppositions
  • ·        Have anyone seen them in the market? Everything is given them freely and remained free for them. While some free gift of nature are bought as a result of some ill-nature, stiff-necked and selfish personalities. Sometimes one is asked to pay for stepping through a path, or even pay before drinking from a stream.    
  • ·        Have anyone seen civil wars conducted in the oceans by fishes, or in the forest by other animals?
  • ·        Have any news story claimed that some animals have campaigned to own a property or possess what does not belong to them? Have they ever crave to own a mansion? Yet the order of the day has it that man cannot be contented with whatever he has, no matter how big it is.
  • ·        Can any animal have it in mind to kidnap a fellow animals? Name them. There are many things animals don’t perform against themselves.

They always say, ‘birds of the same feather flock together’, that’s because they are birds of the same feathers and enjoy flocking together as brothers. But when it comes to man, he would usually ask, ‘Why should we have the same feather? I think I should break one of his so that he can bow to me’, not considering that one day his own feather could be faulty and stand a chance to be helped by the other. That is why there is no progress in the society. How can there be progress when few people love to become great, and majority are treated as less important. Don’t the society know that the few that are great can go down anytime, thereby cause regression to the growth of the society? Truth be told, when everyone is appreciated to an acceptable cost of living, and have what can take care of life, when some great men are down, others are there to raise them.

Let the world of animals still be seen, understood, and appreciated. Many people do not know why lion and other angry animals tear humans into pieces when they sets their eyes on them. It is because man is second-named HARM, so the animals would always arm themselves in order not to be harmed, in the sense that if they are not defensively strong, man will use them for meat, but unfortunately for him, not every animal could be used for meat.

 The world of animals –    
    ·       A world without envy, jealousy, hatred, etc
    ·        A world in the forest, where all are provided
    ·        A world without pain, suffering, war, etc
    ·        A world without recession, lack of food,
    ·        A world where the useful money is useless

Why can’t the world of man be like that of the animals? It is believed that many have asked same question again and again, yet, nothing happened; neither did they anyone answer them. But to answer this question, every Dick and Harry got a role to play. The role is to play a game of harmlessness. That is why animals survive. They are harmless to their species, and until man live a life like that of animals, the world is not going to be any better. The question is, is the world ever going to be better?  

Friday, 24 March 2017

Disgrace the disgrace that want to disgrace your grace

You know, the word ‘disgrace’ is a noun, but also a verb. Though it is taken to its extreme a noun more than a verb. The noun could be a state of (shame) or someone, and the verb is the action of the noun (person). That is the way it is discussed below

In regards to this, people refer others this way, ‘You are such a disgrace’, when actually such people been referred to are no disgrace. But this is just to put them off from happiness. Only few see this coming and push it back to its origin. On the other hand, you see yourself being belittled by the some soul-killers and heart-breakers who call you disgrace.

If you understand the opening statement of this writing, you will notice that before someone call another a disgrace, he or she must have been a disgrace. So you don’t get lowered for being called names you know nothing about. Just understand that such people who try to lower your status (whether originally lowered or not), are themselves lowered. They are the disgrace personified.

All you have to do is to first see them before they see you. How? By disgracing them. How can you disgrace them? By responding to them with a great deal of silence. Don’t talk back at them while you are somewhere making the best out of what you got. 

The above statements should not just be seen as ‘disgrace’, but also other soul-killing statements that could sweep anyone off his feet. Many have got their vision and plans shattered because someone (a disgrace) from somewhere (disgrace) disgraced them and they got automatically disgraced. Why? Don’t ever think any disgrace can just walk up to you and disgrace you with another disgrace. It could come inform of personal challenges, friends and foes – whosoever. Don’t get lowered.       

You made a mistake and someone tried to or disgraced you, and you gave in to it? That’s another mistake you’ve made. If you make any mistake, be sorry, apologize for it, be sincere with your remorseful realization and pray not to go back to such things; that’s the payment for mistakes (which are truly mistakes that are not beyond what the topic suggests).
Bear it in mind that everyone on earth has made a mistake ever in his or her lifetime. So don’t get tossed or kicked by some disgraces that would want to disgrace you. And if you have already been disgraced, retrace your grace and dismantle the DIS in the GRACE so that you focus on your pace. Remain strong with your life fixed firm where you stand and never lose hope.

Don’t forget to be positive minded always…

I hope this helps.
Thanks for reading.     

Monday, 6 March 2017



You know, there is something you probably don't know about yourself. You are two in appearance. One is the physical you, while the other is the reflective you (as your physical image reflects in the mirror). It works in such a way that the reflective you controls the physical you, and whatever decision taken by the latter affects the former. The latter deals with what goes in your mind and reflects through your action by the physical you. And this is to prove a point here.

If you always fail, it doesn’t mean you are a failure. If you always seem inferior, it doesn’t mean you are inferior, if you seem weak in all you do, it doesn’t mean you’re a weak person. It simply means that you have chosen to be like that in the reflective you, which controls your actions according to the decisions you make. And if only you can stand to your feet and speak to your reflection in the mirror, the physical you will hold you to be successful!

There is always a mystery about one speaking to himself, and many do not know this. You are the best thing that can happen to you, you are the best motivation to yourself and you have to understand that. Don’t let challenges kick you off the track, for they are what make you fit into the hard struggles to become great or greater. 

Imagine how pepper makes food taste good, even though it's hot. That's how challenges work in the life of everyone. No achievement without challenges; they are the lubricants that will enable you fit into the tight corners of greatness.     

Don’t be overwhelmed by the varieties of challenges you come across. Accept them and use them to your advantage. You see, always set your priority above your challenges, and go for the best. When you challenge your challenges, you get yourself at the forefront of overcoming the hard times that come your ways. 

Be positive in all you do. Don’t think you cannot do a thing or achieve it. Your greatness lies in your hands. Those who are great worked for it. And for those who want to be great, they must also work for it.

Let this little piece create a positive thought in you.

Ride on in what you do, don’t give up now, it’s too late.

All the best to you!  

Friday, 20 January 2017


An eye-opener

Today, I want to talk about Makeup. Most people don’t get the definition of this term. They fix whatever comes to their mind in order to justify themselves. However, makeup, as the name suggests is clearly obvious to all without any complicated meaning or diplomatic reasons. Notwithstanding, it could be said to be cosmetics applied to the body (face), to improve or change one’s appearance.  This definition got something to say, which will be revealed soon.  In a practical sense, makeup as a word is a combination of two words – make + up. With this breakdown, no one need to tell another what the word means, even to a layman. And that is,

The act of creation.

In regards to this, to create itself can be seen as a synonym to the word make. On the other hand, the word up stands on its own –
To a higher degree.

That’s it. Obviously, those with a sense of insecurity will definitely debate on this, and paint it to be false whereas it’s true. This is just an eye-opener.
No one tells another to make up, not at all. Because almost everyone on earth, if not all make up. Now, let’s come down to the lowest point to exemplify what makeup is. Many would say, ‘I don’t make up…’ Well, from your answer, it shows that you still don’t understand the meaning of makeup. Or you may be correct that you don’t wear makeups. But it’s rare to see anyone who doesn’t.

First, I want you to know that makeup includes; body lotion, deodorant, powder, body spray, perfume and the like. However, these are those less considered as makeup. But they are really among the said. As such, it is but a few that can stand to testify that they don’t make up. Well, that’s by the way.

The question is,

How do you make up? 

What’s the nature of your makeup?

What are your reasons for making up?

What result do you get after your makeup up?

How does people around you react to your appearance? Etc.

 You see, makeup is of two types according to its definition in various dictionaries, which is –

An act done to IMPROVE the appearance of the body or to CHANGE it.
This takes us to another question; which is, Out of the two which one do you practice?

Is it to improve or to change? Oh! I have someone say, ‘it’s none of the above’, as he or she does it as a product of simply-applying without any motives. But that argument is not dependable. Everything is done with reasons.

Some people would always say that they wear powder because of their oily face. And the society surrounding such people would believe that powder controls pimples, which is acquired through oily face, as governed by the affected person’s hormones. And others would say that they wear perfume, deodorant, body spray to control the obvious nature of their body odour; or to smell good, as the society which governs them would have it. Another group of people believe that they wear body lotion to improve the nature of their skin. But that takes us to another question – what type of body lotion does one use? Is it a bleaching or refining one?  You know they answer.
The above recent could be pardoned if sincerely done as stated. Of course, those who practice them say that it’s just to improve, and not otherwise. Another question is, what of those that their aim isn’t to improve their body? For sure, it is to change it with some other delicate makeups. And that bring us to the meaning of change. Here are some 
synonyms of change – you can add more.
  1.     Renew
  2.     Refurbish
  3.     Renovate
  4.     Reconstruct
  5.     Transform
  6.     Convert
  7.     Exchange etc.

In spite of the above, it doesn’t end there. If you try to define these synonyms, or dig dip into the meaning of the word – change, you will discover that it is not far from fake, and not original. More so, you can agree that change in this regard isn’t far from plastic surgery, which is defined as –
The reconstruction of a part or even the whole of human body.
The tiny difference between them is, the former is done casually, while the latter is professionally – that’s all.

The argument is this. Those who make up for change abuse the worth of wearing makeups, seriously. And after they must have applied different paints on their faces, they look like some masquerades. They do this to change their appearance, and end up having a fake person on top of their original self. Well, of course, everyone owns him or herself. But the truth must be told. And that is, makeups for change isn’t worth it at all.

That’s why someone’s facial lock on mobile phone was difficult to reciprocate with the mobile phone. The truth is, the mobile phone knew that it couldn’t recognize the face anymore, as the one that had the license was not the same that attempted to unlock it – still it was one person.

As a result, if a mere mobile phone could recognize its owner’s made-up face, despite the higher intellectual sense it got (according to technology), how much more we human?

You may not understand this.

The reason you keep asking people if they recognize you, having seen that they find it difficult to, is because, your original face is hidden inside the fake one. So those people would stand there wondering where they have met the familiar face; whereas they are your relatives. What a sad experience, if it has happened to you before.

Another thing is, it looks disgusting. That’s true. Many will not tell you this due to the fact that they fear to lose you or they love to have you pleased all time. But they would go to your back and speak ill about your looks. It happens.

If you are ugly, you are ugly. And if you are beautiful, same goes for that. But I tell you, no one is ugly. The most beautiful queen to someone is another’s ugliest maid, and vice versa. That’s the way it works, it’s natural and no one can change it.
These are some of the things inappropriate makeup cause:

It deprives many their life partners: Not everyone will like to have such a life partner that have him or herself painted like a work of an artist or painter. And those who pretend to like them are those whose eyes are closed. When they get to know that you wear a fake face, they start to hate you. It has caused problems in many homes.

People avoid your presence without making it obvious: because you irritate them.

You see yourself live in a community that never exist; the spirit of makeup gets into you, and let you understand that the more you make up, the less beautiful you become. As such, you graduate from casual to professional makeup, where you have to pay professionals to mold you from what God has done into something that you probably think God should have done – maybe you are perfect.

Living a life of fantasy; this makes anyone live a fake life. This means that you wouldn’t let your distanced friends see you when you are not made-up, in that you’ve been nurtured to live like that, and wouldn’t know how to avoid or stop it. So it would be a bad day for you if they meet the original you. But the question is this, how long will you keep living like that?

Check on those who don’t make up. They don’t have anything to bother. They tell themselves the truth. They are natural, and smile to that. No every-minute-mirror, to check whether the makeup has worn-out or not, for another to be applied. Life for them is free and easy. And they make the best beautiful faces, because they have no cosmetic side effects on their skin.

Haven’t you seen a 50 year old person look like a 95? That’s the job of overdue makeup. It has bad sides. Watch well. Keep it at a minimal rate, if at all you should apply it. But prevention is better than cure, they say is true. Start now to tell people who the original you is, before the evil days comes. You wouldn’t know that you are using your money to finance your funeral, until it happens. Take precaution, and stay as you are. Don’t try to correct God, or tell Him that He’s ugly. Because He made you in His image. And for those who don’t believe; watch your back, for those who don’t are died while they live.

You are beautiful the way you are.

Moreover this skin you are fighting to change is vanity. Eternal life is much more important.

It’s not an abuse, it’s not a fight. But an eye-opener – telling you the simple truth.  

I hope you repent, and it helps!