Friday, 9 February 2018


'Remember now, your Creator in the days of your youth, while the evil days come not' – Ecclesiastes 12:1;

You have to remember God by remembering yourself because you don’t want the work of his hands (you) to become a waste; do you?  

What is then the evil days here?

It’s when you have no pleasure, or youthful excitement to do what a youth is driven to do, especially to crave for greater heights and achieve them.

If you are a youth, and you are not motivated to do anything worth referred to in the future, which could motivate others, you should be afraid. If you can’t boast of any vision, you have to understand that you have no future, as there is not future without a vision. And if you have no future, you abuse the worth of living.  

There are many old men out there who wish they could get second chances to do that which they lose opportunity when they were in their youth; and such has been a painful scar in their hearts and bone marrow – these painful memories are more painful than anything on earth that could break one’s heart, because they had the opportunity, they had the ability, and as well the resources to achieve something, but are not willing to do anything. Also, there is no excuses for them, because evil days never came by then. But now, what is their fate? Nothing could be done, as they now lack the enthusiasm and overwhelming strength to do anything.

And now you are youth, you should learn from the experience of these old men and ladies. It is an abomination or taboo to repeat history. You can see it, you can actually feel their pain, see deeply in their eyes and sense their story written all over them, which is being talked about today, yet you want to make the same mistake they made – it could even be your own parents who have made this mistake, and wouldn’t want you to do the same, but you wouldn’t listen. You still are not motivated to become important in your life, and later you blame your friends who would have become successful in the future.

The old cannot easily mend their broken pieces at old age, because the said pieces of theirs are rigid and hard to bring together. But for you a youth, your past or recent broken pieces still got good chances to be mended, because you are still fresh and flexible.

Now, your mind, and cognitive process are still active. You are intelligent and innovative, you are brave, fearless and strong to take risk, you are swift in thoughts, you got physical strengths to do a thing. Why hold back, and waste your life on things that are useless or vanity? Why not listen to your parents and elders?

Life is always once upon a time, before and after death. What would be your ‘once upon a time’ when you are old, to be told be you? And what will be your ‘once upon a time’ when you are dead to be told by others? You got to make a choice now, and live life of one who has something great burning inside of him or her.

Always remember to follow God, to be successful. Walk in His ways and wisdom, so that your days may be prominent before Him, as others see your good works and glorify your Maker! 

It shall be well with you!

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