Wednesday, 7 February 2018


...Don't call you CHILD leader of tomorrow

It has been told from inception that the youth (children) from all works of life are the leaders of tomorrow. This statement that is strongly believed that one day the young ones will be at the apex of life-experience, to feel the joy of leadership, not just the sacrifices. The joy in the sense that the youth is the strength of the society per se. As a result, no gallant, made or called-leader takes pain or struggle to lead, but joy which is derived from the privilege of leadership. Moreover, this assertion of ‘youth are the leaders of tomorrow’ is frequently memorized, sang and spoken daily by children of different nations, having faith that one day, some among them would emerge to be the leaders of the said tomorrow. 

Ironically, everyday is the birth of tomorrow till the end of the world. When then shall tomorrow come? These hopeful-hopeless ones have been singing this song, and are tired of singing. They have sang it from childhood, till now they are adult, and as well pass it on to their own children who are still singing it – ‘we are the leaders of tomorrow’.  Little do they know that their poor follower-parents sang it in their childhood, and yet nothing happen. Wouldn’t it be good to tell these young ones that their ancestor had sang this song from century past?

It is important to correct this lapse. It is an error; pure mistake to see the youngsters as leaders of tomorrow. It is like a curse. No parent, guardian or teacher should call their children LEADERS OF TOMORROW, as tomorrow is always born after the death of another. There is no tomorrow people! That’s it. Calling one a leader of tomorrow is like putting him in a cage where hope does not transpire. A state of shattered future, and nothingness in living a life. Don’t call your friend leader of tomorrow. Where is tomorrow, and how does one know the end of tomorrow? It is better to be called a servant of today, than leader of tomorrow. A servant of today has hope that before one becomes a king or leader, he has to start from somewhere. But how can one who has not tested service of today test the leadership of tomorrow? – community without a commodity in one’s mentality – whatever!

Fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, the youth are the LEADERS OF TODAY. It is today, not tomorrow. Today gives hope. Today makes one act, knowing that it may end at nightfall. Inasmuch as everyday is today, it helps one to act quickly, because night would approach soon, as no one would want what he does be caught up against by the night. Thus, there is dedication, hard work and perseverance. ‘Today’ brings freshness and multi-passionate heart to do a thing. Therefore people, start working on TODAY – you are the leader of today. If you wait for tomorrow to come, be ready to have your children wait after you – it’s like a generational curse.

The leaders of tomorrow are those who are still leading, that would never give room for the young ones to show what they got. The leaders of tomorrow are those who lead in gray hair, with double upon double coated gray hair – these would never leave the seat for the young ones to reconstruct and rebuild the things they destroy daily. And if any wait for them to become after them, ‘sorry’ should be your second name.

It is overwhelming and alarming that those gray-leaders are there in contract with their fellow grays, and after them comes another gray. It has been like that from inception. Rarely would one see a situation where few good grays give room for others to try out. Well, this is what leaders of tomorrow is all about.

And for the leaders of today, DON’T WAIT FOR TOMORROW, IF YOU MUST BE A LEADER; IF YOU MUST SUCCEED AND MAKE IT – IT’S A WARNING. And if anyone calls you leader of tomorrow, reject it, and tell the person that you are a leader of TODAY – today is alive, tomorrow has no end. If this continues, all the potential leaders will grow old and join their ancestors, while tomorrow keeps its journey of no destination. But if today is viewed as a day when one should emerge to take the bull by the horn, ‘jallikattu’ would be an easy game, and hope drops a better rain.

Youth – you are the leader of today, not tomorrow!       


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