How many hours does science students study to get 95% or above?


My dear, studying to get approved and making it great towards 95% and above does not always depend on the hours one studies. But it depends on the sacrificial outputs laid by you or any other that may want to get it high. Also, dedication, constant practice, learning from others and being persistent counts a lot. though, time is good to be considered, but there are students who study more than required, giving all day to their studies yet were unable to grasp anything tangible.
Therefore, I advice, you first understand what you are into. And such thing is, you are into wanting to make it high and great towards your studies. having this awareness will help you grab great deals of knowledge even when you spend just an hour in studying. Because your goal-setting (the awareness) will usually ring bell in your heart, making you a concentrated and serious student.
So, it is important to know that any student who is not serious with studies will not be able to ride high, no matter how long he studies. Nevertheless, as a science students, you should be disciplined enough to study for 4 hours at a time, after which you let what you’ve studied to assimilate. Moreover, you are the personality of yourself and knows yourself better than any other person. As such, you know your study-power and the time limit in which you get exhausted. Work with your strength and never think of working beyond your strength because, it wouldn’t help.
Finally, you may want to culture yourself to go a little higher than your limited time. That’s good anyways. But you must work with time, to enable you know how far you go. Don’t forget to set a goal, make time table, study at least 5 days in a week and also work with different materials, in that the one you get from the teacher is not really enough. With these, you will make it high. One thing you must not also forget is praying to GOD because, he is the Ultimate. Wisdom, knowledge, understanding and directions comes from Him. So, go down on your Knees and ask Him for help. Surely, you are not alone!
Hope this help!
All best!

Is google destroying the creative capabilities of students?


The answer is No!
Anything one have to do is subjected to how disciplined such person is. As such, any student who thinks that google is destroying his creative capabilities does not get it right because, google does not go to people, rather people go to google. As a result of this, anyone students who decides not to go to google, google will not recognize him.
what the above is trying to elucidate is, one can choose to be disciplined and stick to it, by not googling everything for information, especially while on a work of school and college assignments. There are students, yet few who does not depend on google when it comes to putting academic works together. They have made up their minds to stick to their personal-cultured minds so that they grow their creativity. And one secret is this, while one ignore google for certain things to grow their creativity, they get to create things themselves, Things nobody has ever created; and by so doing, you get to be the google of yourself.
The above is tested and true. Anyone can try it. And it is important to note that google does not disrupt the attention of those who never went to it. And also, you may agree with me that there are people who don’t know about google. Yet they exist. Surprised right? But it’s true. So, any person can be the google of himself, thereby growing his creative capabilities.
I hope this help!
All best!

Will studying on study table or bed make any difference?


Yes, it does!
You see, the posture or position one stays while studying matters a lot. Every posture depicts one thing or the other. And while you study, it is adviced you get on your study table and chair for concentration and focus. If you sit on the bed, you may be tempted to lie down ignorantly and if you attempt to do so, you have divided attention towards your studies.
Distractions while sitting or lying on the bed may come through the following:
  • fondling with the bed sheet, pillow or any other thing you may have on your bed at the present time. This may not be known to while you do it, because you will be absent minded
  • You will be tempted to sleep as said earlier. As long as the bed is not the right place for studying, there is a tendency that anyone who studies on bed would sleep off or easily get exhausted. And this is 70% possible. Look at how it works. While lying or sitting on the bed studying, you feel the tenderness of the bed and also enjoy the softness of the it. While this is happening, you will be gradually lured by your brain to lie down and by so doing, you are in for sleeping.
  • You have body reactions. While you sit on the bed studying, your body will definitely react towards getting tired easily because you are not rightly positioned. Hence, you have back or even waist pain; making you not to last longer while on the work. Apart from these, there are other things that may arise while you are wrongly positioned for studying.
Having yourself on a study table and chair will help you through the following:
  • You will be very comfortable and enjoy your study period. There would be no tension or body reaction. If any of the recent mentioned occur while on study table, you know that you are naturally exhausted and it’s not caused by your position; Unless you are on the wrong table or chair (Which may be high or lower than you are in height). Thus, studying on a table and chair brings comfortability.
  • You will not be easily distracted. Any distraction that would come to you while studying on a table and chair is when you are not really concentrated and ready to study, in that it is you, the two furniture and your books. Also, the position will automatically let your eyes fixed on the book, hands on the table and body erected accordingly.
  • You flow while studying. There would be free flow of communication between you and your book, in the sense that nature made it so. Everything is meant for one thing they must represent. And without being told, study chair and table represents studying, and that’s how it is made. You cannot be on them without flowing, comprehending and assimilating what you study. while Bed is strictly known by all to be a sleeping tool
Therefore, you don’t have to study on the bed and expect the same amount of free flow of communication with one who studies on the study table. the study table is the right place.
I hope this help!
All best, friend!

How can I concentrate while studying on laptop?


There is this proverb which says: “The discipline one gives to himself is the best”. That means, you have to discipline yourself towards what distracts you on computer while studying. It does not really mean you should deactivate those things for a temporary basis and after which you activate them. But it takes only self-culture, self-discipline and making up your mind not to be distracted again. This is the way to overcome your problems.
Also, you got to tell yourself that such things that distracts you are not what you are meant to be seeing at that point. Keep it at the back of your mind that your are in no way being helped and try all you can to avoid those thing, through self-discipline as said earlier.
Above all, pray to God to avert distractions coming your ways!
All best!

What and how long does a speaker have to prepare for a speech?

It depends on what the speaker want to speak about, how long his speech would take and whom he will be speaking to. These three criteria must be considered before preparing a speech. This is because, some presentation are greater than others in terms of contents, complexity of the topic and how advance they may be. Hence, those ones with lesser contents and difficulty, should be done within a day, while those that are complicated should take a day and half, 2 days or 3 as the case may be. But the maximum time to be considered for a serious speaker to prepare his speech should not exceed 3 days of hard work and research.
For the case of what a speaker have to use to prepare his speech with, they are as follows:
  • He can use books related to the topic of his speech
  • Through the internet. google can help out in most cases, but it is not advisable for one to highlight everything and present it as it is in the internet
  • personal initiative - As a speaker, one should have some knowledge of what he should present and should make a critical thinking on how to take care of it. Everyone is creative and can make out something from his head.
Note: “Though everyone is creative, but no one can create until he starts thinking creatively” - From - GODSON'S PEN
Therefore, one must think creatively on how to make his presentation a better one, by so doing, there would be a good result.
  • It is also good to learn from others. No one is an island. Most good presenters learn from those who are more experienced than they are, and thereby learning more from them. this is where you see and learn the posture and body movements of a presenter or speaker. Finally, consider body language and learn how to handle it on stage.

What should I do to concentrate on studies to be a topper in class?


Dear Friend, you can be the topper of the class IF ONLY determination, dedication, sacrifices and hard work is involved. First, what you should do is to have it known to you that those who are the topper in class are just like you - Just one head as you have; therefore it is absolutely possible for you to be at the top in class.
You have to strictly stick to the above activities in order to make it with the following points:
  1. Place yourself at the top first: Class toppers do not have the notion to see themselves in the 1st position in the class.  The set goals above first position, which is not possible, right? Because 1st place is the highest.  But that's not it. See yourself as the second class teacher, so that it let you compare what you know with that of the teacher. This will make you study harder, even when you are not in the mood; so that you meet up with your expectation being a second class teacher. As such, a second class teacher is a little bit above the class topper in the class and that would make you fall to be the class topper himself.
  2. Study ahead of the teacher: Every class topper is hardly seen fail any question thrown to him, even when he least expected it. This is because, they study above class level, even beyond the topics are yet to be introduced.  That makes them be at the top.  This is exactly what you should start doing. It's just sweet if you get used to it.  Because, you will always be ready to take any test that comes impromptu.
  3. Use external materials in studying: One cannot easily be a class topper if he studies with just what is been taught in class. Because sometimes, teachers intentionally throw generally accepted external questions related to his subject, but not exactly his subject.  Therefore, it is only those who study other materials can make it to this level.  This had been tested and declared true. So, use at least 2 text book and 4 at most, coupled with the teacher's materials.  That would help!
  4. Do a consistent studying: Class toppers do not stay a day without studying. Because, one day can make them lose intellectual weight. It's just like eating.  When you don't eat just for a day, you become weak in strength right? That is how it is applied to studying.  Even though you don't study your class material, you should have anything that contributes positively to general knowledge and see through it for the day.  That is a serious student's life to become a topper
  5. Sacrifice, dedication, determination, culture, control and discipline: These are the conditions one should self-give to himself. Sacrifice some time. Don't go playing with friends when they are playing, just try as hard as you can to deprive yourself certain playful activities, so that you achieve your aim.  Secondly, put all your mind to it and tell yourself; "If i don't cover up, or meet with the level I want, am not gonna stand up for myself". That is dedication,  by promising yourself that you MUST make it. Also, dream always to make it with continuous hard work until you make it; This is determination. control yourself.  Sometimes, you may have the urge to play with friends, have fun etc. But ignore those things and carry on with your goal.  Though it is not easy, but it is for those who really want to make it. And that is discipline and culture.
  6. Above all, call unto God because, He is the knowledge and wisdom Giver.  Without him, nothing of this nature can be possible.  He never disappoints; Am a living witness. So, go down on your knees and talk to Him.
With the above, see yourself in the next class session be the topper of the class; this is real. Many have followed the above and have attested to their reality; You are not an exception. You'll make it friend!
All best!
I hope this help?

How does one become a writer?


Becoming a writer, you must have got some guts, talent and courage to do that. Because it is not that easy but easy to those who want it to be easy.
  • First, before you become a writer, you must be a good reader.  You got to start reading because one cannot write without seeing how written works looks like.
  • Get started: You have to get started in writing if truly you want to be a writer.  Writing is a matter and product of process, practice and productions.
  • Consistency: You have to be consistent in writing to master it.  write everyday and don't give up on that
  • Tell friends and family members to help check your written articles and judge you based on what you have written...
NOTE:  you might be judged contrary to your favour and expectations. Don't let it kick you off the track. Just go on with it and become what you want to be.
  • Involve yourself in writing contest, because, you cannot become a good writer without being challenged and without competition.  These will boost your ability and credit
  • Finally, Learn the rules of writing, ask questions. Get to meet people who are into the field already and ask them to let you know some tips on writing.
with these, you will become a good writer.
I hope this helped?

I am a writer, I want to publish my stories and poems in any leading newspaper and magazine or in any tv channel, how can I do it?


  • A journey of thousand mile starts with a step, they say is true.  As such, it wouldn't be easy to jump into a leading magazine or newspaper to get your work published.  But you can start blogging them.  Just create a blog
  • Get to write for college magazines. This is the best start and get approved by asking approval statements from readers, editor or friends who are great readers
  • Spot your professional self and press forward to making acquaintance with publishers, either online or in person and discuss your desire with them
  • Bear it in mind that you will be asked your achievements as a writer and what qualifies you to write for them.  That is why you needn't just jump into it like that.  Because, you must provide a prove of you, either by your previously published works or approval by a superior.
  • If you are accepted, try to make it great by setting a standard that will make you unique in what you do.  As a result, you might be retained
  • By create a prestige of you, you will leave a vacuum of you in their heart to let them know that you are indeed great. 
  • Lastly, enroll in writing contests that promise to making your work known to the public.  in fact, this is one of the greatest tool that can let anyone be approved and published in series of programs by the tv, radio and leading paper.
I hope this helps?
All best!

How can we increase our study hours and work harder for the exams?


Before increasing your study hours, there are prerequisites that must be followed in order to get the required result:
  • First, you must have enough sleep, as lack of taking enough rest is one of the elements that hinder effective studying.
  • discipline:  This is very vital for anyone who is serious with studies and one who wants to increase his study hours.  You must discipline yourself towards studying, so that you achieve your aim.  Without disciplining yourself, there is less or no result to be achieved.
  • Set a goal:  Goal setting allows one to achieve something.  Therefore, if you must increase your study hours, you must set a goal and work towards achieving what you want.
these three are the most important things to consider in order to make study reach the top, as desired by you.
Haven done the above, it is necessary to choose a quiet place, with enough ventilation.  with this, you will not feel tired easily, as your mind will be relaxed while studying.
you should also get reed of distractions, because, it will cut short the tendency of your long lasting studying.
always keep time.  This one falls under the discipline point:  While you time yourself for a longer period, definitely you will make it to achieve what you want in studying.
Above all, feed well. one cannot be hungry and last long in studying.  Therefore, there is a need to feed well!
Hope this helps
All best, Regards!

What should I do to concentrate on my studies?


Friend, for sure, the above story about your health and recovery has nothing to do with your interest in studying, except in reserve case  of the type of health issue you passed through.  Never mind, there is always a way out in everything.
  • First, you got stick on the notion that let you seek for help.  That notion tells you that you need to be very brilliant again, as you were then. Because, it gives you upper hand towards academia.  This is the beginning of your revival.  Therefore put it to yourself that you have to do all you can positively to help yourself.
  • Psychologically, this requires you to put yourself in an interview mood, where you question/answer yourself. Ask yourself who your were, what is wrong now, why are you not making it again, what have done to lose your interest (?).  this is a psychological exercise and a kind of medication that will go a long way.
  • Beat your chest and wake up!  Tell yourself you got to make a move.  Sit down and start studying again.  Nothing is lost. You can start afresh.
  • Practice! Practice! Practice! Perfect practices makes one perfect.  Therefore, it is necessary you start practicing your study Technics again.  As you have lost interest of what you used to be, that means you do not practice again, and that is why you got to practice again
  • Eat well, take rest, sleep well, exercise your body: These will boost your mental process to take in, process and store information you've got through studying.  Research have proven that people who do less or not at all the listed tend to do badly academically.  It is time to make a move towards them.
  • Abstain from distractions: If you want to be gallant and upfront academically, you have to shun distractions of all kind.  When 'all kind' is stated, it cover everything that can make one not to concentrate in doing thing, be it environmental, human noise, electronic noise, affection/emotion, and so on.  So, run for them. 
  • Set a goal: Setting goal will help you know that there is something you want to achieve and by so doing, you strive and get to the top.
  • Consistency: One cannot exercise the above without being consistent.  You have to continuously work towards your aim, without giving up; no matter the flaws that may come your ways.
  • Be Prayerful: Pray to God always because, he is the way and the key to success.  Though, some don't believe  God exist.  But the truth is, He truly does and had made ways for many and is still making.  So, you have to go on your knees in prayers.  Everything in life is subjected to the Spiritual.  Therefore you may not even know where the problem comes from.  That is why everyone got to pray for everything.
All best!
I hope this helps?

What should I do if I want to study Journalism?


As the name implies - 'Journalism', It's a professional training course.  You needn't just jump into studying it.  You must have got some quality attribute that will make you a Professional Journalist after studying. 
You can concur that every course one studies in the University or College is what the person should be, through natural gift bestowed on him.  Anything outside this, cannot make one what he desires to be.  Therefore, you must have been a Journalist by virtue of birth and gift.
As a result, a Journalistic aspirant must possess the follow before going into that course:
  • You must be a good Orator/Public speaker: Speaking in or to the public is never a product of academic processes.  It comes naturally. Therefore, people who are good orators make good Journalists.  Because, their mission is for the purpose of the public and her interest.
  • Confidence:  Without confidence, one cannot be a Journalist. Even though he goes through education and have all the necessary knowledge of being a Journalist; but does have confidence, everything is a waste. So, before enrolling that course, make sure you are a confident personality.
  • Good command of Language: In any language you operate, you must also have good command of language and it's usage.  Because Journalism is all about using words, everyday.
  • Tolerance: If you don't tolerate things and people, you can hardly fix into the cadre of Journal-dealers because, you are going to meet different kind of persons, who are probably lunatics.  So, get prepared.
  • You should read a lot:  Study to show yourself approved.  Journalists are versatile.  If you are not a study-type, look for another thing.  Because, it is an unpardonable offense for a Journalist to commit flaw(s) in the areas of his study.  Be versatile.
  • You have to be different, cultured, smart, intelligent, approachable, always smiling, cheerful, neat, and all the likes.  These are the attributes of a Journalist.  Don't wait until you have completed your studies before having the above attributes, because, the day you start studying the course is that day you will start becoming a Journalist.
  • Above all, Make connections.  Know people, important and positive-minded persons.  Because, a journalist is one who is widely informed towards reaching people of different fields in case of help.  a time will come when you will need to make investigation, they will be of help.
The above are very important to observe in order to fit in, in the crew of Journalist
All best in your studies!
Be well!
I hope this help?

I am 19 years old and still have imaginary friends, it really affects my studies and I can't concentrate. How can I get out of this?

Friend! The imaginary friends you have can be delt with and get rid of your mind. First, before one gets rid of old things for example, he must get new one(s) to replace it.  This is a practical sense that must be considered.  As such, you need real friends, good ones and companions closer to you, that when you see them you become happy.
This issue is related to psychological stress. If your Family members - both nuclear and extended are closer to you, they are your first and closed friends.  Spend time with them in what you like doing; maybe a game, sports, watching tv, spending time out, engaging in conversation and so on.  by so doing, you are passing through the exercise of 'psychological revival'.  And gradually you will come to forget anything imaginary or fake coming to your thoughts.  Do this regularly and focus on your future rather than the past.
Please note: Do not let the above exercise kick you out of your studies and academic activities, as there is time for everything.  Keep to time and schedules
The next step you got to make is, think about your future and how important you are than your worries.  Don't be negatively minded. always think positively, so that your past experiences will not make ways into you again.  Furthermore, when you need company and have no one around, listen to good music, watch entertaining programs on tv, try writing something new on paper or start writing books - It could be anything small or low in detail, just to distract you from all other distractions
Above all, ask God to help you out. Because He is the problem Solver of every problem
Be well!
All best!

I like to read and write and I want to end up somewhere between media and business.  Do you recommend any PG courses for me?


That's quite a good idea.
As a writer, you must have got some guts to do it, even to the extent of wanting to end it with the media and business.  Also, it would be a good news to have you have a great command for communication.  As a result, there are good courses you should take, some are:
  • Mass communication: This is a core course that leads to every aspect of media, communication, public relation, and so on. It lets you know how to effectively relate with the masses and be professional even with the media and face to face communication.  It can also help you be a wonderful persuasive marketer and advertiser.
  • Communication for business: this course is related with the first one, but it specializes on businessing. it can help you be a good business practitioner, with a genuine style of doing business.
  • Digital media/Digital management: These courses will help you to practically know how to handle the media equipment found in the TV and radio houses. They also let you know how to manage the equipment for better communication.
The above three are the best communication courses that would let you in and suite your career.  Moreover, it is advisable, if you can, to take up some diploma courses for effective writing and speaking capabilities. Some of them include - Creative writing, public speaking, language studies, advertising and so on.
With the above, you'll make it.
I hope this help?
All best!

I live in India, and I have just been promoted to 10th grade and I want to be a doctor. What should I start reading to improve my general knowledge?

This is a good question!
My dear, all you need to do is not only what to read to become a doctor.  But to start knowing whom a doctor is and his attributes.  And that would be achieved through being a good person in terms of taking care of your junior ones and knowing that one day you will be a care-taker of the general public.
Secondly, you got to learn most importantly through visuals.  Switch the television with the help of an elderly person and see documentaries of medical practitioners.  Learn first aid giving procedures and have a heart to do it. Age isn't a barrier. 
Never mind reading advanced book of medical courses now.  That would be later, when you are fully into the course.  What you should do now is, to study during your spare time some primary scientific medical related books of first aid. This will give you the necessary insight you need to be induced to your field of study.
Lastly, don't be carried away by distractions.  'Pursue you dreams until they stop running' - Godson's pen.

Try your best!
I love your spirit!
All best!
I hope this help?

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