Sunday, 21 February 2016

Get inspired!

These are live quotes that will inspire you and teach you somethings you probably never considered before but really needs them

here they are!
Read on and get inspired!


Most times, people do not actually know that, that person giving always and you take always, without saying; 'I Don't feel like taking it  now, am okay', is not really happy seeing you have from them every time.  Though, they might not show it, but it is true.  they will always say in their mind; 'I know he will never say; am okay'
But, bear it in mind that not everyone do this...  


For sure, you might know who you are but do not know what you are!
yes! What you are, I mean.  you might be rich, great, intelligent, beautiful/handsome, and so on.
But have you come to consider your importance, functions and impact in the lives of other?
your functions, attitudes and behavour towards others is the 'what you are'
And if what you are does not have good impact in the lives of others, that means you abuse the worth of living! 


Every time, I hear people say; 'Oh! I really have pity on him'.  That is sympathy without acting,  when you are in the circle and also have what it takes to help, yet you work away, having only feeling or sorry on Him.
It is time to put yourself in the shoes of others and see yourself passing through those things they pass through.  Such will help you help others, by having Empathy on them.



 Anyone you hurt and he complains, he loves you!
And those who will always keep calm seeing you hurt them are digging a deep grave for you and you have all the cause to be afraid of them.  If not, something will surely happen
And you should also be aware of that which might happen!

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