Friday, 16 February 2018

DEAD WHILE STILL BREATHING? - Young Mind Motivational (Onyeuche Godson)


I Know friend; you might have tried 101 times, and it seem not to work, it seems so difficult that you are going to give up, in fact you have said it last night, last week, last month or last year that you’re not going to try no more. Is that? Wow!
But think about this. If you decide not to try any longer, do you think you can get up or make it? The answer is NO. Yet you need to make it up there, you have to be stronger to continue.

Imagine how many times you breathe a day, a week, a month, a year and completely all your life. Aren’t they all more than millions of time? They are right? You’ve eaten thousands of meal all your life, and you have not given up, then what makes you think it is a right choice to give up at your hundredth time, if at all you have tried to that extent.

Keep moving, and pushing it harder, there is no need to give up. Those who give up are the dead, and for God’s sake you are still alive, you are still breathing. Keep trying as long are you are breathing. Keep moving as long as you still got feet. Keep working as long as you are still breathing.

You don’t want to be stagnant, do you? No. You don’t, trust me. You can't be stagnant because you take bath everyday. You can’t stink, or give up your freshness.

You have to put in mind that everyday is a new day, and the beginning of your new life. Thus, failure, struggle and suffering of the old do not count. What counts now is to continue to face the newness of today, forget about yesterday because no matter how long you think about the past, it’s not going to return. But a thought of the future can restore your strength, and keep you moving.

The mountain might be high and difficult to reach; however, no matter the height of the mountain, it can never rock the millions of rock you got in your heart. You may not know how strong you are until you are your last option or help.

And someone or people put you down; the fact is, you’re not down. You are still standing tall; no matter what! You are the only one who have the right to be down, while you are still standing. No man can be let down as long as he is standing, so remain standing, and tall.

The eyes is always afraid, not the heart. Therefore, let your heart govern your eyes, and programme it to see less. It is time to foresee your strength and might with you mind of gold, and straight, and not with your eyes of tears and hopelessness.

Behind every failure, there is achievement. It's better to fail than not try, because when you don’t try, you cannot achieve anything. But if you try and fail, you have at least achieved failure; and failure itself is a stepping stone towards success – that is a good start.          

What are you waiting for friend? Come on! Never ever give up! 

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