Thursday, 21 April 2016

Reasons people die for having pride in them


pride has killed many!

As the name suggests, everyone knows what pride is;
    1.     No one is greater than me; is pride
    2.     Why should I respect him; is pride
    3.     Who is he or she that I should go see him/her? is pride
    4.     Am a rich man, so I needn’t go beg him or apologies; is pride
    5.     If I don’t do it, who will? Is pride

The above suggest little exhibition of pride in humanity and such has killed many and or led them into a pit that is not easily dealt with.
When people are overwhelmed with pride, their life is at risk of many things which is going to be discussed; and such things are as follows:

People hate anyone who displays pride:
As no one would love to see another displaying the act of pride, it is absolutely true that anyone who displays pride is 70 percent hated by people because, people see it irritating and something moral abuse.  Moreover, the world see it that nothing good comes out people of such.  As a result of this, their lives is at risk of hatred from people, which is probably able to kill, both physically and spiritually.

Death of destiny:
Pride kills destiny, a lot.  There is a story of a young man that plays musical instrument (drums) in a church, and it happen in such a way that he’s the only one that does such in that said church, as there is no other person talented in playing drums.  But one day, pride began to eat him up and he began to see himself very great and if he doesn’t play the said instrument, no one could.  But time goes one when he couldn’t play effectively as he does and gradually, his gift and talent faded away and he struggled to play.  Suddenly, a young boy came up with the same gift of playing, who replaced him.  The recent player despite his young age, played better than the pride one.  In this regard, is real that his pride made him inefficient.  His talent was taken away and was given to another. That is what pride is capable of doing.

People who are proud receive curses:
It is confirmed that people curse those who self-elevate themselves because, it burns their heart.  Many people call them bad name, especially behind them, in that they contribute to spoiling one personality, even when good thing is coming to the proud person.  There are curses that comes to be, especially when people of certain caliber are involved.  Even though it’s not good to curse, proud person’s attitude arouses people to curse them.  Some people die as a result of curse laid upon them, and pride is one of the reasons they are cursed.

No one helps a proud person:
Every step one takes is being watched by the world.  As such, when they are in trouble and needed help, no one will like to help them.  This is it, in that the proud person thinks he knows everything.  As such, needed no help when in trouble – This is people’s mentality.  It only takes the heart of few to help such people.  ‘No condition is permanent’, they say is real.  The proud rich can be poor tomorrow and at that point, he is on his own. 

Pride has rendered many where they shouldn't be and they suffer it today.  It is important people do away pride.  To survive life is humility, no matter whom one may be. ‘Man is nothing’, is a poem that portrays that man is just an entity of container, and such is real.  Therefore, if you display the ABOVE or the likes, kindly STOP it and face reality.

Best wishes!   


Thursday, 7 April 2016


Selfie, selfie, selfie. Everyone selfie.  Everything selfie. Father and mother, selfie. Sister and brother, selfie. Uncle and aunt, selfie. Cousin, selfie. Nephew and niece, selfie.  Boys and girls, selfie. In the morning, selfie. In the afternoon, selfie. In the evening, selfie. While on bed, selfie. In the dream, selfie.

In every occasion, selfie. School students, selfie. College students, selfie. Post graduate, selfie. Every office, selfie. In wedding ceremonies, selfie. Birthday parties, selfie. Sent forth parties, selfie. Selfie upon selfie. Selfie in selfie. When taken in group, yet selfie. Selfie within selfie. Selfie without selfie. On camera roll, selfie. While one dances, selfie. Every party, selfie.

Sweet, sweet selfie. But sometimes can cause bitter sweet experiences. Selfie have caused death. Selfie is happy with selfie. But sadness come when selfie makes one’s self selfless. Selfie has caused horror. Yesterday, the boy died – selfie. On train station he stood taking selfie. While taking selfie of himself, the train crushed just himself, not two – all in the name of selfie.

Nice food, selfie. Sweet juice, selfie. Good apartment, selfie. While driving, selfie. New clothes, selfie. Every animal, selfie. Anything new calls for selfie. Men love taking selfie with their friend’s friends. In the toilet these days, selfie. Personal person’s office, selfie. Personal group-selfie. General Selfie. Grand selfie. Mini selfie. Every Dick and Harry, selfie. At the bus stand, selfie. Train stations, selfie. In the hospital, selfie. While Papa is in coma, selfie. Mama severely sick, selfie. When dude is dying, selfie. Even in the ambulance, selfie. At the mortuary, selfie.

Oh thou selfie! You have dealt with humanity, no gentility.

If you can’t take selfie, you are on your own. If your selfie is not functioning, you be yourself. If you don’t have a selfie phone, it is all yourself. Myself, yourself, himself, herself, themselves, all is self, self – still upon selfie. What a world or SELF and SELFIE. ‘Mummy, let’s take selfie. Daddy stay well, you’re on selfie. Brother you need to smile, this is selfie. Sister you are beautiful on this selfie’. Uncle and aunty, together on selfie. Selfie, selfie, selfie. What did selfie do to man? What relationship has selfie with man? Oh ye generation of self and selfie. Sorry to selfie. Selfie is sorry for selfie. Sorry upon sorry to selfie. Upon sorry to sorry for humanity.

With selfie, men laugh. Selfie makes an angry man smile. Mr. and Mrs. Selfie. Barrister (Dr.) selfie. Professor Selfie.  Dr. (Mrs) selfie. Master Selfie. Miss Selfie. Uncle Selfie. Aunty Selfie. The sister of selfie. Brother of selfie. Selfie’s brother’s friend. The brother of selfie’s sister. The family of selfie. With all, there’s nothing but selfie. Selfie’s sister’s brother. Selfie-self. All is in one selfie.

Very soon, animals will start taking selfie. Dogs on selfie. Goats on selfie. Cows on selfie. Bison on selfie. Birds on selfie. Tigers on selfie. Lions on selfie. Monkeys on selfie. Donkeys on selfie. Horses on selfie. Snakes on selfie. Ants on selfie. Fishes on selfie. All of them not mentioned would like to be on selfie someday. If not, why not? Why not, if not selfie? Doubt not the powers of selfie. Everything in life is all about self.

Techno-selfie. Apple-selfie. Micro-selfie. Phono-selfie. Samsung-selfie. Nokia-selfie. Sonny-selfie. All of them takes selfie.

Let not selfie kill yourself. That’s all it got to say.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

You can educate yourself without going to college



  •     Everyone think that without going to school, college or university, education is not possible, in that certificate is now the order of the day and everyone wants to be a certificate holder.  But the issue here is the opposite of this certificate-holding notion.  There is a secret some people do not know, and it is knowing the fact that everyone is talented to be or have what he needs to be or have (not what he wants to be or have).  Because what one want to be is different from what he needs to be.  The want there is because you love to be that which you want to be, through practice and professional training.  But such thing will yield little or nothing when there is no training involved.  In the other hand, what one needs to be is what is good for him to be, what suites him in terms of natural gift and something that he need not apply professional training or even much practice before engaging in it.  For example, most musician, speakers, craftsmen, manager, vendor and so on did not undergo professional training before being what they are.  Such is the application of what one needs to be.  One needs to be that which his natural gift tells, so that there would be no mistakes.     

  •     In that case, anyone can educate himself in what he needs to be; by first discovering what he does naturally without stress, struggle, pain, regret, professional  training and so on.  One, haven discovered these, can start training himself in the field in which he finds himself, by starting from somewhere; which means that he should self-establish that which he finds himself suitable.  It is obvious that while one is doing something, he is learning more from it.  Even what he never thought of discovering could be discovered, probably something that no one has ever seen before and such makes him greater than others.  Therefore sitting idle is not the remedy.

  •    The problem most people face is having the notion that without going to college or university, education is not possible, as stated earlier.  Who said so?  Today, every good thing one engages himself in is a process of leaning and such could be achieved when action takes place and that action is putting what one has in terms of natural gift into practice.  Nowadays, the world is a social community where almost everything could be learned just with mobile data, with is less expensive.  Anyone can learn from YouTube or other social media motion platforms, anything he wishes to learn, without any huge cost, other than the said mobile data.

  • Obviously, most persons who graduated with their certificate have not seen any white collar job.  So, what one learn to do himself is less expensive, or without any cost.  More so, most entrepreneur who did not go to college have made it beyond some of those that are actually educated.  No education or skill acquisition cannot be found in the internet.  Though, it is good to have good commucation skill and the ability to write, which can also be learned from the net.  Therefore, educate yourself today and get to work.   

Why people fail in their field of study


Nowadays, so many students do not do well in their areas of study and such depreciates the standard of their worth of being students.  This problem is not as a result of not being serious towards studies, neither is it that the affected students are not intelligent, no.  In fact, it occur to most intelligent students more than the unintelligent ones.  Moreover, students are never conscious of the danger of the problem, even though they know about it.
With the following, these mistakes are revealed and corrected:

Wrong choice of course: 
No matter how intelligent one seems to be, as long as he chose a wrong course of study, nothing could be done to excel in that area, because in the light of every course of study, they are designed according to different natural acquisition of talents and inborn capabilities to deals with, as long as schooling and studying is concerned.  The fact is, most student go into a particular course of study as a result of their friends doing the same course or because, such course is known as a professional course everyone long to belong.  But the truth is, the fact that one’s friend is studying a particular course does not mean that such person should enroll in the same course, in the sense that, people are designed for different things and should belong to those things that suites their talents.  More so, one should not also study a professional course that he knows that right from inception there is no sign of prospering in such course because, this will hamper the worth of being a student and nothing would come out of it.  Even though one manage to graduate and make first class in the said course, he will not escape the defense in his work place or any other place where it is compulsory.  Therefore, one should make the right choice of course of study which suites his talent and capability.

Unintended class of belonging:  
Most times, Universities and Colleges have it as a doctrine of awarding students with courses they never intended to study as their profession, as such, one automatically find himself where he never wanted to be.  But the mistakes students make is, accepting to study such course they know for sure they cannot ride home about.  This is dangerous too.  No matter what it may be, it is advisable that a student should reject any course given to him as a result of circumstances, which may or may not be the fault of the said University/College he intends to study.

Parental Influence: 
This one is prevalent in the society today.  This is where parents put it to their children to study what they desires and want.  But the question here is this; between the parents and their children who is responsible to face the challenges of the study? Who would take the tests and exams therein in the course of study? This is purely an error.  For no reason should a parent(s) force their wards to partake in a course they never wanted to enroll.  Most times, students complain that their parents are responsible of their studying a particular course.  Parents should not be overwhelmed with what other people be in their profession, and be enticed to force their wards to be same.  This is in the sense that parents see medical doctor, lawyers, engineers and so on, and love their children to become one.  The consequence of this is, any student whom his natural-built career and talent is not supported by the course of study, will do no good there.

Lack of being educated about the course of study:
 This one occur most times, where students do not know or have the knowledge of the course they loved to study.  The issue here is such that students would choose the course by themselves and assume they can do it, which may be true to some extent because such person have what it takes to be a part of the of study.  But the tragedy is, the concerned students do not know the work of people who study such courses. This is an issue that let student be kicked off from being professional in the areas of their field of study, after graduation.  Everything about a professional course one intends to study must be known and the profession that suites it after study.  If not, there would be a hook at the point of knowledge execution.

Wrong choice of Institution:
 If one desires to be a professional in his areas of study, he should choose and attend an institution that is professional in handling such course(s) he intends to study.  For so many reasons, students do not acquire all they needed in terms of knowledge acquisition during the course of study.  They will only realize this after graduation and when they are said to resume for work employment, they see themselves lacking the necessary experiences, skills and potentials for handling their job.  As such, this should be prevented, except for inevitable reasons of low income rate or any other thing.  If not, such persons will see themselves being a wasted years.

The above are stumbling block that hinder students from getting what they needed in academia, even when they have what it takes in terms of intelligence and buoyancy in finance to be good in their profession.  An opportunity missed is less possible to be retrieved.  Therefore one should take note of the above, with the help of their parents in order to be professionally professionals in their profession.  

Friday, 1 April 2016

See how lovers' affair kill


Obviously, many people engage in premarital relationship and do have contacts meant for husband and wife.  These contacts as the case may be, leads to many things, probably not known to everyone.  Such things are as follows:
      Sharing of destiny
Premarital sexual relationship leads to sharing of destiny, as the partners are known to have given out half of their destiny and collected half.  This is why people find it difficult in dealing smoothly with life, yet they blame devil or think God doesn’t exist

      Acquisition of strange spirit
 Not everyone is human.  As such, in the course of having premarital affairs, which might be more than one, for some people; it is real that they have acquired some strange spirits from the partners they have dealt with.  And it causes hindrances in life too.

      Initiation into strange world
 Some evil spirits come to the world in the form of humans, and carry out their operations.  They often initiate people into the marine world and so on.  This is very real.


       Migration of spirits
Most lovers behave unusual because, their spirits have migrated half-way into the spirit that is responsible for premarital pleasures and such people are not complete any longer, as their spirits have migrated to a strange one. 

 The existence of diseases is not because they must be, but it’s just the wages people reap having engaged with premarital sex.  Also, there are diseases that have not yet been revealed to doctors, yet they kill secretly. It is so because, when it is revealed to doctors, they will find a way to prevent it, if not cure it.  Therefore, there exist diseases that kill silently.

       Spiritual death
Many people have diminished spiritually, as their spirit-man is finished.  It had been shared by many sexual partners and the sufferer will be totally weak, spiritually.  The effect of this include – unable to pray, fears, weakness of inner feelings and so on. 

       Interconnection of bodies
This one occur in such a way that there exist a connection among the lovers and they feel as though they are husband and wife and cannot do without each other, whereas they will not get married.  The consequences of this one is, unable to do without the partner, threat of death when separation occurs, lure one to committing suicide and so on.

Premarital relationships carries curses.  These curses exist and is transferred when a partner is been cursed by someone, and the other partner tap some amount of the curse and thereby automatically become a part of the curse-effect.  If the said curse is meant to kill, definitely, the cursed is tended to die.

        Spiritual marriage, which is forbidden
People are married into the spirit world through this engagement.  And when someone is spiritually married, it is difficult for such person to be physically married.

        Eternal condemnation
 This practice is against God and humanity and leads to hell, no two ways about it!
Therefore, repent today and be saved.  Today is not late, but tomorrow may be.