Sunday, 12 June 2016

See the unknown relationship between you and the social networks.

Find out!

Note: This is to open your eyes towards the category you may find yourself regarding the forces of social network you may not know

Father and son/daughter?
When the social network seems to be your father and you the daughter or son, it totally dominates you like a father does to his children.  How can you know when this is happening to you?  The manifestation of this is when you as an individual answer its call every time it calls (gives you notification), even when you should be engaged with something more than important than it is. This time, you don’t hesitate to make a move towards it.  Well, this is unusual. It could be called addiction or better a spell been casted on the doer. One ought to caution himself for the domineering ability of the social network.  And if you observe that you cannot do without it for one day that means it has become a father to you!

Mother and son/daughter?
This one is prevalent today.  If you wish to know if the social network is becoming a mummy or has become a mummy to you, it’s when you operate it under its arm and sleep off.  This is the responsibility of mummies.  And if facebook or whatsapp can have you on its palm while operating it, and you suddenly sleep off without knowing you’re still online, definitely, it is becoming a new mummy to you; be careful!

As you know that sisters/brothers can run errands at the same time, social network sisters/brothers and human sisters/brothers can as well do the same.   As such, if you want to decipher whether the social network has become a sister/brother to you, it’s when you cannot go to shopping without operating on it (even when your phone should be on charge), you cannot eat without it, you cannot go to the bathroom without it, you cannot even watch television without it and all that, then you know that something is wrong.  When you do the above recent, just know that you are simply making the social network a brother or sister, thereby depriving your human sister/brother their relationship.

If you have to know when the social network becomes your uncle/aunt, it’s exactly when you take permission from your parents or relative to answer an urgent skype call even when you are sitting closer to your Parents in church or any important place that requires attention more than the skype activity you intend to do.  And if your mobile phone eventually get lost and found, you will suddenly jump to the sky to welcome it like an uncle or aunt who is returning from travel, all in the name of the social network.  If all these happen to you, that’s social network aunt/uncle you got there; it’s not ordinary.

When it’s becoming your cousin, you want to travel back to the village or town alone, as the case may be; just to have alone time with your mobile phone, so that both of you can have fun. This is serious! Is it your cousin?  It’s only fun and a thing of joy to travel a far distance to see a cousin, but when it’s happening in the case of social network, think twice, you are having a social network cousin. It’s unusual.

Friends and others?
When you are friend to the social network, you see yourself behaving unusual worse than the extreme.  You will hardly talk to your human friends.  Because you got no time for them any longer.  Hence, you speak to yourself while spending time on the social network.  Sometimes, people see you chatting and smiling while travelling on foot or even taking a walk.  While doing this, people out there will think you’re insane.  You may not notice it, but those who see you, see you! So amend your ways.  You are having imaginary friends.  This is not normal.

This is the stage that when anyone gets to it, is gone.  And here, when you see yourself not conscious of what is going on in your environment as a result of operating your phone (even when you are at the forefront), you are now on trouble, not in trouble! See, when you get to this stage, the social network along your mobile phone has possessed you and it will only take deliverance to get you right, not just caution or advice because you have graduated from those ones. Also, whenever you have issues with someone regarding to your mobile phone, and you are pushed to kill the person in your inner man, there’s fire on the mountain.  Many have killed because of mobile phone related issues.  This is not them acting, but the spirit infused into them by the said social network and the mobile phone.  This is no jokes.  Be careful!

Finally, all the above are no jokes, no matter how humorous you may think it is.  Just have your eyes opened and be careful about what you indirectly call the various social networks you operate on.  Many of them are not just what you think about them, or what know about them. 

This article is in no manner tend to discriminate, disparage or to put asunder the relationship between any social network, users and/or owners.  It is to educate the audience on the consequences of over-dedication and life-laying acts they infuse on these social sites. Hence, this site and its operator(s) is not to be held responsible for any misunderstanding, misinterpretation or falsified notion towards the intended transmission.

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