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When someone looks at you, what do you normally think?
take a look at this reflection and find out one of the greatest reasons people often look at their fellow!

Admiring your beauty seems irresistible in the sight of the entire world today.  Most times, I hunger to take a glimpse at you, just to satisfy my desperate eyes, so that they won’t fall-off. What they see about you is purely overwhelming towards abuse of Womanhood and global construction for hopeful attainment of the future. Though, I will not say; even though am saying: my teachers have seen it and did not say, why then should I open up an evangelistic rally towards this issue? Yet I must confess that my eyes is in love not me though.  

Even if people say: “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, I won’t let your own beauty captivate my heart. Even at that, my eyes keep misbehaving to the climax and also vow to admire heavy outlooks.  I don’t really blame them because, beholding is a free gift of nature, and they will keep beholding the enthusiastic nature of worldly attractions.  For assure, not everything is appreciable towards sight; yet the beholder keeps beholding.

Professor Bush, a learned, intelligent, thoughtful man, one of the famous critics in America was fond of taking a walk along the country-side, to sniff the aroma of rose and hibiscus in my garden.  He loved my garden so much that he kept being acquainted to them.  Prof. was logical and diplomatic in thoughts, as awarded to him by nature; as such, he would always criticize every butterfly that flew-pass him.  

That, I never decoded until I met him soliloquizing, as though he had gone lunatic.  His attitude in this awful monologue got my pregnant curiosity reflecting in my upstairs.  The most interesting aspect of the game was; Prof. would not easily expose his thoughts to me, his best friend, and even to his wife; especially when his was visualized in an articulating manner.  

“My friend, allow me to think”, Prof. said to me.   Prof. was not only seen thinking, but also jotting down some untransparent images that seems unimportant; but a closer look by those who possessed twin-eye, it would definitely reveals the bone behind the flesh.  Sometimes, I noticed Prof. in a fatherly cry, where he was suffering from inner motives which I see through his heart in the name of abnormal-realities, proving the short come of Mother-earth.

I wondered what could be troubling my old friend. No idea came to my rescue.  Consequently, my friend would hum to an unknown tone, and I discovered that his feeling towards his actions is 'pity to the World'.  At first, I thought a tragedy has befallen him or a family member kicked the bucket.  

“only God knows the dribbler of his heart”.  I said so because, Prof. was seen rejecting food almost everyday; while Mrs. Kate cried more than her lad of 3.  In as much as Prof. wouldn’t eat, he kept scolding his wife concerning her artistic capabilities of decorating her eyelashes, eyebrow and lips.  

Mrs. Kate wore make-ups as one of those important house chores a lady never do without.  Though she had been doing this for almost seven years of matrimonial bond with Prof; "why is my friend suddenly taking note of that"?  The question seemed for the gods.  Although, my own job is to keep solving mathematics with my brother-soul, so as to clarify my curiosity towards Prof’s condition.  Then I thought; maybe, he needed to see a psychiatric doctor because a second-passed (in time) in rescuing my friend is quite irrevocable.  

I had to invite Doctor David to assist me heal Prof. Bush: he was so much important to me and his brothers-Americans.  Moreover, I was really afraid of the Western interrogation towards investigation of matters; especially when someone of close relation is sought for.  So, I tried my best to see that my friend survived such psychological trauma; as heart attack was now the order of the day.

The opposite of my own Christmas day was when Doc. was ready to configure my friend’s psych; he quickly jumped up and exclaimed, 

“do you think am insane?  Am not".  Prof. explained that he was only feeling for the young lady next door; who, probably, Doc. Or any other person should help out, as she would soon pack her things for the market-area.  

“This lady is a point of contact to all other ladies, even my wife” –  Prof. said.  

Each time I worked pass her shop, I looked at her as if she charmed me to.  She would usually say; 

“Sir, I pray thee, why are you looking at me?” not knowing that my admiration was the grandma to laughter.  “My friends, what am trying to elucidate here is a lecture to all ladies who love to over-decorate their skin”, my friend added.

I remembered the lady whom my friend was referring to.  The lady that mothers the public in exchange with money.  Prof. said that he sometimes went to her restaurant to take a bottle of beer; though not from his heart, but just to give a closer look at her artificial ugly look.  

Lady-P, as she was fondly called was naturally beautiful, but the makeups on her was as colorful as a chameleon.  In fact, every minute of the day, she re-wore makeup to look beautiful, not knowing that she was indirectly telling God that he isn’t perfect.  

Lady P’s makeup kit was as big as uncle T’s pot-belly.  Uncle-T was the plumpy man who took approximately two crates of beer a day in Lady-P restaurant.  Certainly, Lady-P would suffer skin diseases if she refused to resist from attitude.

At first, I never knew that such appearance of Lady-P could let an innocent fellow be in a questionable state.  That was just a thought of an ordinary man; until Prof. insinuated on the issue of overdose makeup and its unmerciful approach towards our ladies’ skins.  

My friend at this juncture used the opportunity of feeding Doc and I wine to unleash his anger; even in lady P’s presence.  Lady P, thoughts of defending herself were shutdown by Prof’s professionalism and intellectual capability.  Coincidently, Prof.’s wife, Madam Kate met us at the restaurant.  

There, Prof. told her his feelings towards makeup abuse, and such moment was a cool one to let his feelings out transparently.  Everyone was listening attentively to my friend and as well appreciated his teachings.  To concur with Prof’s lectures, most of the ladies, if not all; who were present in the restaurant were all touched.  If I was allowed to run into their thoughts, I would, without doubt, swear to their repentance.  

Persistently, Prof. made it clear that whoever looks at you, strangely, try to inquire the origin of the eyeing even though it seems romantic; because, some eyeing are pure unromantic.  

Prof continued, 

"...naturally, when you apply makeup, you have added something harmful as may not be required by your body.  Though, sometimes, makes you look like under twenty when you are for real sixty".

Your thought is the opposite of reality.  Soonest, the World will come to discover that their eyes is naked and would desire to make separate suit for them.  

Prof, through his prophetic senses nosed some probable mates of his by the corner and quickly stated; “All teachers are meant to teach the world the good teachings, just like me, or even more than I do.  Let’s try to meet that fellow with a humble spirit, not just because he’s admiring our beauty but the reason behind the scene. - “Please Sir, why are you looking at me?”


One minutes silence.... What does it mean to you?

                                       ONE MINUTE SILENCE


                                                    ONYEUCHE GODSON

“The silence you observe for another today will be the same another will observe for you tomorrow”-Says Rabbi.  Life, what a two way express-road; which could not be easily comprehended.  The mysteries of silence breaks the cedar of Lebanon and falls the walls of Jericho; and thereby leaving man’s hands on his head.  Sometimes, I wonder what a minute silence really is.  Could it be that it’s a time when someone or people respect for no noise?  This thought gallivants in my memories with heavy reflection of desire and curiosity to understand the reason and relevance of this silence. 

In consequent times of observation, some people seemed meditating in spirit, with their souls; in one accord, while others have their mouths in motion; yet I could decode no comprehension towards the scene.  All I see is myself being different from the crowd of one thousand and one.  Should I have to meditate, move my mouth or assist my dripping eyes with my little towel?  In fact, I can’t say because am just a lad of six years of age count.  But that which is in me is like a burning furnace or oven; far more than my age can possess.  Therefore, in that scene, I only closed my eyes with little fingers of mine.  This action is taken just to know when my dad would disappear so that I could fly with him.  In a certain scary mood, though with friends, only one person suffers the pressure, while others takes it as fun and common play tool.

In forty seconds of count, people’s eyes neither shake nor drop open.  Maybe, the world is coming to termination in few clicks of the time unit.  My heart beat heavily and continuously; as though I would remain here.  In a reflective, yet little trance mood, I recalled the time in last week’s mate-play; where my friend narrated the tale of short coming of Mother-earth, as accorded to his grandfather.  The more it comes, the more the crowd meditate without cause.  In the beginning of the gathering, all I could remember is when a man in suit approached the platform, hold stiff the lectern with his broad palms, as if his hands would remain there forever.  More so, the man opened up by stating in a deep voice: “Let us all now stand on our feet, in one accord and observe a MINUTE SILENCE for the young man who passed away yesterday”.  That only I could remember, the rest had flown to the toilet.  Still in that tension of fear, though in a very well ventilated room, I resigned not to sweat like never before.  Though in me, I came to reason about the demised soul but with biased mind in the sense that am at this juncture, sitting on the fence.  One voice asked me: “Shall we remain from celebration to meditation?”  Still, I couldn’t understand because I must eat and drink the cake and wine I came for; but why this meditation in one minute, which seems two giant hours.  Irresistibly, I thought of the next “silence,” and in respect of who.  In as much as a minute silence is observed by the crowd in respect of the young man, that means; it could also be observed in respect of another; but what is this silence all about?  We are not in the church, in the classroom, or any other place that requires such silence; only a merriment assembly still, they are observing silence on behalf of someone, probably somewhere enjoying himself.  Soon after my recent thought, I was encouraged to ignore them.  Maybe, the government has changed the pattern and process of every gathering; that on any gathering of any kind, there must be a minute silence; as had been stipulated by the constitution.  Yet, am not definite.

Now, it is twenty seconds left out of sixty.  The men are seen wearing red faces and some pink.  I thought on the colour I should wear, as I managed to use my dad’s cell phone, (the one he gave to me to hold); to check out my reflection on the mirror-side; which has mirror-like cover: because, I hate being different from what the crowd point-views real and normal.  My dad next to me, I caught, stealing a look on air and such revived me to an extent.  Often than not; I adjusted my wear, my tie I sagged, and my shoe off my legs: one at the east and the other at the west.  These actions are those I couldn’t control when I nosed that things are getting out of hands.  Though, such is all I could do to beat back the stress am passing through.  The silence is too heavy for me now, I couldn’t bear it any longer and I feel like crying but something came to my thought, the movie: “Home Alone”.  If kelvin could make it all alone, I can, with the company of the crowd, even though they seemed lifeless and activated in a scary mood.  I just held-on because am somewhat relieved by the movie-thought.  Not long after I came back that I saw the end of one minute silence and the man on the platform voiced another statement I could remember: “May the soul of our friend and they that have departed rest in peace”, and the crowd chorused: “Amen!”  Immediately after the chorused-Amen; the young spirit in me told me that; one minute silence is a silent prayer observed in respect of the dead; which was confirmed by Dad.


Sunday, 21 February 2016

Get inspired!

These are live quotes that will inspire you and teach you somethings you probably never considered before but really needs them

here they are!
Read on and get inspired!


Most times, people do not actually know that, that person giving always and you take always, without saying; 'I Don't feel like taking it  now, am okay', is not really happy seeing you have from them every time.  Though, they might not show it, but it is true.  they will always say in their mind; 'I know he will never say; am okay'
But, bear it in mind that not everyone do this...  


For sure, you might know who you are but do not know what you are!
yes! What you are, I mean.  you might be rich, great, intelligent, beautiful/handsome, and so on.
But have you come to consider your importance, functions and impact in the lives of other?
your functions, attitudes and behavour towards others is the 'what you are'
And if what you are does not have good impact in the lives of others, that means you abuse the worth of living! 


Every time, I hear people say; 'Oh! I really have pity on him'.  That is sympathy without acting,  when you are in the circle and also have what it takes to help, yet you work away, having only feeling or sorry on Him.
It is time to put yourself in the shoes of others and see yourself passing through those things they pass through.  Such will help you help others, by having Empathy on them.



 Anyone you hurt and he complains, he loves you!
And those who will always keep calm seeing you hurt them are digging a deep grave for you and you have all the cause to be afraid of them.  If not, something will surely happen
And you should also be aware of that which might happen!

Friday, 19 February 2016

How arranged marriage kills!


Things to consider before going into arranged Marriage and why it is not good to engage in it

Most marriages shatter always as a result of the subject above – ‘Arranged marriage’.  It is true that some parents consider it to be a safer way to get their wards married and to build a future for them.  But the reverse of their reasons is the case here.  After marriage, parents will come to notice that their daughter spent just three months with her husband and divorced.  There shouldn’t be any surprise here, in that arranged marriage is the ‘bone of contention’.  Without being told, any mature mind should know that marriage is not just an entity but a community of lifetime and shouldn’t be risked as such.  Therefore, the details below tells clearly about this issue:
  •     MARRIAGE TAKES MATURITY: In most cases, parent do believe that their children are incapable of choosing their life partners all alone, due to the fact they are not matured enough to do so.  Yes, that is exactly what it should be, nothing more.  A child of 19 years or less shouldn’t in any case go into marriage because, marriage is not just an entity, but community, as stated above.  Even though in those days, it was considered normal, it shouldn’t be practiced now because what the olden people know and the state of their maturity then has reduce in the present generation due to corruption of humanity.  In those days, a 14 year old girl could be allowed to get married because, they were known to have attained the matured state of mind, heart and were easygoing with life.  Moreover, maturity deals not with age but personality trait.  And research has proven that the-now people are short of attaining maturity state earlier, compared to the olden people.  When a child, be it boy or girl, go into marriage with the help of their parents, it is obvious that such marriage would not last long.  Sometimes, we ask; will the parents be the ones to get married?  The answer is no.  Therefore, there is a need for young minds to get matured and be able to choose their partners themselves.
  • ·        ACQUAINTANCE BEFORE MARRIAGE:  marriage should have a convention, which is believed to exist.  But this convention is broken by going into the engagement of arranged marriages.  A couple who intend to go into this institution of life, should have time to get automatic bonding of heart, spirit, soul and body before marrying.  If not, there is a tendency of something going wrong.  That is why there is something known as ‘courtship’ before marriage.  A time when partners get to know each other for couple of months or even up to a year.  This is practiced to get to know each other well and automatically get marriage bonding that would prevent hurt in future.  Furthermore, people are very good in pretending to be good, in order to have what they want at the moment and later on, their true colours would be shown.  There is a need to know each other, not someone knowing them for you.
·         HAVING A FUTURE: It is necessary that one should go through college, have a degree or at least be engaged into a business that can serve as a tool of self-caring without depending totally on Parents or any other relatives.  This does not mean that one cannot get help from family and friends, no.  The truth is that anything can happen at any time.  Some of the repercussion of arranged marriages is having nothing doing and going into marriage.  This will not help at all.  Sometimes, some will still be in college, yet think about getting married, either initiated by them or parents.  Though no one pray for bad to occur, but it is certain that death is inevitable and could come any time.  In a case whereby a young man is being supported by parents towards raising his family and something occurs to them, certainly his home will tear apart because he has no job that will fetch him money to take care of his family, likewise the lady.
  • ·    
  •     PEOPLE’S MENTALITY: Most people will usually think that their children have started mingling with boys and girls. Therefore, there is a need to get them married.  But such is not the actual way to handle it.  Even though parents get to know that their wards are engaging in a relationship that they wouldn’t like, there is a more welcoming way to tackle it and not getting such ignorant heart married, when she do not know anything about marriage.  One day her future, life and happiness would be wrecked.  People should stop thinking that way.  A good child that has well home training should know that engaging in premarital relationship is harmful and should avoid anything that would spoil the family’s joy.  Marrying such boy or girl out is not the remedy.  If mingling with the opposite sex is right there in the blood, such person will continue from where he stopped, after getting married and such will break the marriage.  What parents got to do is to start earlier to give their wards good home training and to show them the way of making good choices and not engaging in what everyone do.  The fact that everyone does it, does not mean it is good.  There are some good young boys and girls out there who had made this good choice of not engaging in what the youths of these days engage in, in the name of being in a premarital relationship.  Yes! Such people do exit and it is the good handwork of their parents and their own positive contribution in knowing the truth.   Good home training is very vital    
  • ·        CONSIDERATION OF FUTURE OUTCOME: It had been recognized that most people do not consider the outcome of their intending and intended actions before going into it.  It is obvious that considering everything in two ways is better than one, in such that when someone make a counter consideration based on his original plans, there is a full grounded possibility to figure out some unavoidable circumstances that could hamper the growth of such plan.  Marriage being a community of two people should be taken into consideration, deeply to know the future outcome of the bonding.  While consideration is necessary, the following questions should be personally considered

(a)  Is it necessary to get married this time?
(b) Where will this marriage lead me/us to in the nearest future
(c)  Will there be any problem following what am/we (are) about to do?
(d) Am I/we really able and capable, age-wise, maturity and all it takes to have a life partner or be life partners?
(e)  Am I/we really acquainted to this person am about getting married to?
(f)   What will the people say about this, in case there arise a shattered marriage tomorrow?
(g)  Will I be able to bear this when it happen?  And so on
The above rhetorical-like questions should be asked because marriage is not for boys and girls, but for men and women.

Finally, personal instinct and initiative should play a tangible role in the life of every being.  Taking wrong choice of action should be corrected by one’s intellect and wisdom, in order to avoid history occurring twice.  No one will say he or she have not heard about the causes and consequences of premature marriage engagements, which sometimes leads to death.  Yet, people allow their children, or better still lure them into marrying at an early age.  Therefore, there is a need we learn from people’s experience rather than allowing such thing to occur to us directly, after seeing how it had been on others.  That’s not wise at all.  The above will really go a long way to open one’s eyes and enable him make a U-turn towards arranged marriage and premature marital engagements.

Be well, and excel in all ramification!



Ordinarily, no one is created to be a failure, instead people fail as a result of their own fault. This fault in question might be consciously or unconsciously minded.  Furthermore, many never wanted to fail at the initial time and do all they could to meet up with their expectations.  Unfortunately, the efforts made to curb failure in exams proves abortive and as such, the tragedy continues.  Most time, certain people wonder if magic is involved in passing exams or maybe certain persons are gifted to pass, while other are made by nature to be failures in exams.  In fact, countless unsuccessful students have given up towards passing exams and also have it as a conviction that nothing in this world could let them or help them pass exams. But the reality is the opposite of their thoughts.  The truth here is that, such persons have not come to understand or have not critically accepted or known the reality towards exam success.  Consequently, most students are unsuccessful in exams and studies, even though they cheat and go away with it. Why? Because, at the point of defence or interview towards their profession, you see them ending up being a novice in the said areas of their specialization.  Do not be such person.   Find your faults, by reading the points below and direct them for your own good!

  •     Misconception of subject/ ideas:  This is the order of the day found in most students.  Many students don’t pay attention while lectures are going on.  They have divided attention doing some other things with friends, thinking that they are really following. As such, they misunderstand the message and the main idea of the teaching.  Sometimes, some intelligent ones will deliberately choose to do this, because, they think they are really intelligent and there is no need of giving absolute attention in the sense that they can easily study at home and pass.  But the truth is, sometimes, what one expects is the opposite of what he would see.  More so, these same intelligent students wonder, after exams why the failed exams haven discovered, with a definite conviction that they truly failed.  This is really their fault.  They did not pay attention during studies and couldn’t get the ideas.  If you fall in this category, address it and see your self do well.
  • ·        Lack of studying:  These days, no student like to student any longer because most think that studying is boring, as they say.  But the question one got to ask himself is, without studying, how would passing exams be possible?  It is absolutely impossible to pass exams without studying.  Even though you don’t like studying, you should know that you must pass exams as a good students and passing exams is as a product of studying.  Therefore, get to practice how to study, culture yourself, learn it and get started.
  • ·        I hate this lecture:  During interviews with some students, most will usually say that they hate one lecturer or the other.  No matter what a lecturer do to you, you have no right to hate him because hating a teacher, is as good as failing the course(s)/subject(s) he treats. This is because, as soon as you hate him, there will be an automatic hatred for the courses he teaches and his classes will seem boring to you, even when others consider him the best teacher.  So, get to reconcile with your teachers and follow.
  • ·         Pride:  This man, as I do call him is an adult that can overwhelm everyone in all ramification when room is given to him to do so.  It also occurs in studies, especially in higher institutions.  Students in the higher education will usually think they have arrived, haven attain the level of university or college student.  But this is the beginning of failure.  If you think you have arrived, you will hardly take instructions and end up measuring yourself with the teachers.  Also, you will get tired of taking class and home assignments and start seeing yourself feeling reluctant in participating in tests and examinations.  When this man come to hit you and you don’t hit him back, by humbling yourself, you have failed already; not only in exams but in other things.  Get reed of it and be who you originally are.
  • ·        Bad friends/peers: ‘Bad manners corrupt good ones’ they say, is a reality. Having a bad friend(s) is the worst thing that could happen to anyone.  Bad fellows are product of nothing or product of bad fruit because bad tree brings forth to that which it looks like. If you have bad companies in schools and colleges, there is no how you can excel in examination, in the sense that such are not really serious with studies, they come to make friends, flirt, show off their parents’ wealth, answer names and so on.  Therefore, beware of bad fellows and face your studies to yield great personality.
  • ·        Wrong carrier choice and Professional camouflage:  This is most concerned with students in the higher education too.  Most people make wrong choices of courses and end up failing such courses.  In most cases, you see people studying law, in order to be called a lawyer, not that they are naturally inclined towards that field.  Before one engages with any course of study, he must be naturally fluent in such carrier and not making a picture of camouflage because at the end, such person will end up not producing quality result, no matter how intelligent, smart and great he is towards academia. Therefore, choose the right course that suits you and your carrier in order not to fail exams.
  • ·        Absenteeism: This simply depicts that act of being absent in classes.  This, most times does not occur accidentally. Students intentionally give themselves leaves and holidays in the name of social activities and other unnecessary reasons which are not worthy to be mentioned.  Research had proven that 75% of what teachers say in class is what they set and bring in exams, as a result, anyone who is fond of the habit of being absent in classes, is planning to fail because such things been said might not be found in any other source.  This is where most teachers ‘catch’ the students who would intentionally leave their classes for other things.  It had been tested and proven.  Keep all class attendance and see yourself blow it at the top.
  •       Bad attitude:  This one is mostly a secret many don’t know.  If you are known for bad behavior and attitude in the school, you will not be recognized for good and being recognized for good is the beginning of passing exams.  The secret here is that most teachers and lecturers respect and give credits to students who showcases good characteristic trait, coupled with their intelligence.  But even though you are really the topper of the class, in terms of intelligence and exhibits bad character, they will feel reluctant towards any affairs of yours, including your exam exercises.  During the course of marking your papers, they will usually say: “This boy/girl! Nothing good comes out of him/her, I don’t think there is something to read here”.  Moreover, they would say in their minds- “ones attitude depicts how his work will be”.  Therefore, they will end up not giving your work closer attention, even when you have made good points.  Correct your errors and work towards good attitude, it helps a lot.

  • ·        Bad relationship with teachers:  how do you relate with your teachers? Are you rude, heady and arrogant to them? If your answer to the above questions are negative, that means your teachers will keep you in their black book.  If you say; “am a good student and I love all their subjects/courses so, I will pass”, that is a big error.  What you have to consider is this, any move you make, your teachers know. You have to consider also, the type of body movement you showcase during the time they call your name, ask you questions, use you as examples and so on.  Your body movement talk more about you, but may be ignorant to you.  If deep down in you, you really have bad relationship with them and pretend to be good, they will also know and once your name get to their black book, your name

      is sorry.  Because, they will not even give any credit to your works.
  • ·        Poor exam preparation:  how do you prepare for your exams? Do you just hope on the things you are given in the class? If yes, that is a contributant to failure.  As a serious student, you must study ahead of teachers and make provisions of extra material for exam preparation because all that is given to you in the class is not enough, at all.  If you use only what the teachers teach you, you will be short of words to write, such things you have will be skeletal and there will be no ‘flesh’ found in it.  Start today to read extra and ahead of the teachers.  Use at least two material in your study purpose. By that, exam success is assured.
  • ·         Pray, pray, pray:  Yes, you should pray to be a success.  Don’t say: “why should I pray?”  Hey! With God all things are possible. This one is a big secret too, that is known and practiced by few.  Though you might be intelligent, have good character, loved by all in the school, maintains good relationship with teachers and studies a lot. But the truth is, there are many unseen forces (evil) in school, colleges and universities.  I usually tell people that such places is another community outside the community they know. There is nothing one cannot find in the schools.  These forces will subdue anyone who is seen great towards academia and others. They will attack you so that you fail. Try it out today and see yourself progressing. In case you don’t know how to pray, ask someone who knows to teach you and you are on a safer side.  

With the above, you are a genius.  I know of someone who usually advice students, using himself as an example.  He will always say that back in the days, he was a failure in exams and school activities, but after he put interest and exercised exactly the above listed, he saw that he was very good. Now, he is hardly seen failing exams.  Therefore, exercise yours today and see the result.  But note; if there is no interest in what you are doing, there would be no good result so, you must develop a burning desire to learn and be successful with studies.

Good wishes I bring to you in all ramification, not only studies. All the best!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016



Have you ever been interrupted in your discussion with someone or in an important interview, by a ring of phone the minute your conversation is at its peak and you picked the call or tempted to pick it, rather than concentrating in your discussion?
If yes, you are a slave to your phone, or better still the phone uses you, instead of the other way round.  Sorry, if this hurts!

The truth is that the person you’re talking to, be it a superior or minor, he takes you far below thought than you can imagine; even at the realization of your fault.

Ways to tackle this problem are as follows in a rhetorical Question

  •        Don’t pick up the phone immediately the thought of telephoning someone occurs to you, first ask (exclusive, but consider).
  •      Even if the call is worth taking, do I really need to take it at this moment?
  •          Should phone ring distract an important conversation?
  •         Am I not matured enough to pretend as though nothing happened?
  •        Shouldn’t I maintain a good personality status by being a gentle lady/man?
  •         Who am I to the phone?
  •         What/who is the phone to me?

This is obvious because, I see many people make different body movements, even when another phone with similar ring with theirs rings.
Phone is a distraction, get rid of its attitude and never let it influence you

Good luck!