Monday, 21 March 2016

The song that make us laugh and cry


I sing a song, to You alone.
My mind is blown to Heav’n, Your throne.
For God alone is He I owe;
I pray to You my knees in low.
I fast a fast, You run a run;
I called a call, You said my son;
I cried a cry, my tears You suck.
I saw the days at birth A’ truck,
As he that was, is such I would.
My hands You took and say; ‘you could’
Me - thinks a lie, for it might come.
For men do watch the day to harm.
My years they see and wept a weep;
You cared for me and made me sleep.
Your love on me, is one a dream!

They sort a way to see my death,
You fought for me and made a length.
A length that is; for them to fall.
On they that kill, to You I call.
I felt their touch, to tempt a light,
You came a come, and saw their flight.
Afraid they are to come again.
Your vow to me is never in vain.
 So close You came, and such we are,
You put me there and drove my car.
A car I know not how it came,
It came for me, I thought a tame.
In You I trust, a trust for life.
Your love on me, is one a dream!

My birth is such I cannot tell.
As though I found myself a tale.
The one of those, like dream I grew
Each day I look, I run as ‘screw
I drive above, above, above!
As special as You, You made A-me!
Each day and night, You bring a key,
To me, to me and me, for me!
The day as such, feb’ry it is
I asked, they say; ‘Today is his’.
‘A child of love’, to me they call,
‘A light you be, forever it is’.
Am happy to be, a priv’lege to kiss.
Your love on me, is one a dream!

Thursday, 17 March 2016


 Things that happen to you at night but you don’t take them serious!
 (Night terror)

  • ·        There are terrors of the night and they affect you unknowingly
  • ·        They appear sometimes as dreams, you overlook them
  • ·        You try to wake up at  night, something pulled you down
  • ·        You are told or convinced they are ordinary but it’s not true
  • ·        You try to talk about what you are battling with, something shuts your mouth
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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Little things that kill men


There are several things people do not consider not to do, even though they have little or great knowledge of how dangerous such things are.  Many have lost their lives in the cost of not taking these things into consideration.  Though they may seem awkward to you, but they are really things everyone should consider.
Take the following and avoid them -


      (1)    Avoid standing near an under-construction building


Do well to understand this language in an uncompleted building, even when it is not placed

Whatsoever it may be, do not stand under an uncompleted building that is under-construction.  This is very dangerous.  Sometime, people do this unknowingly, but it is very necessary to be conscious of the environment which you are into at any moment.  Several reports had confirmed how bricks fall on people and they die instantly.  Therefore avoid this and always have in mind the activities going on around you 

       (2)   Do not stand at the back of parked vehicles (especially heavy trucks):

Obviously, many people do stay or even sit at the back of parked vehicles, having it that they needed to shade from sunlight, have privacy or relaxation.  This is also dangerous.  There is a tendency that the driver of a parked vehicle is still inside and had to do something in a jiffy, after which he proceeds.  In the course of continuing his journey, (which might take you unaware in certain circumstances) the vehicle may hit against you, if he had to reverse.  This has also taken the lives of people.  So, be careful


       (3)    Do not take calls while walking on the high way:

Everyone is exposed to taking calls on the high way during a walk.  Because such call might seem important and must be taken at the moment.  But the fact is, it is wrong.  Sometimes, while taking calls, more than half of human attention is subjected and given to the call and as such, the caller would not be fully conscious of other things happening around. This has caused accident of a car, smashing or banging into and against individuals walking on their own.  In this regard, it is good to walk aside and comfortably take your call.

       (4)    Do not use a headset while walking along a highway or even street:


It is now the order of the day, whereby people use their headset and at the same time taking a walk on a highway.  The highways are usually busy and it is the responsibility of any pedestrian to avoid vehicles which are likely to come against them or into their ways, either from the front or back.  Most cases, people do not hear the sound of the vehicles coming from their back because the headset would not let them hear, and it take ‘by chance’ to see the ones coming in front.

Facts you may not know!

Do you know?  Most activities of man and his organ of senses are dominated by hearing and when one is captivated by listening to something that enthuses him, it is likely that one cannot see what is happening in the front, not because he has bad sight, but because his sense of hearing dominates his sight.

Do you know?  That your mobile phone has some spirits and powers of manipulating your physical actions while using them.

Do you know?  At the highways, you do not see every vehicle that comes around you because you have hundreds of things going on in your brain, and such makes life risky.

Do you know?  Whenever you go out, maybe, taking a walk or doing something outside, it is 30% sure and confirmed that some of your acquaintances; like 2 or 3 see you, but you don’t know.  That is why one needed to be positive in every dealing.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

You can be successful in leadership anywhere


This subject has been a barrier for certain persons in the areas of leadership, especially when they are just in their 20’s.  Most persons might actually have opportunity to become a leader, but inexperience kick them out of the track.
One must be experienced or have what it takes to become a leader, despite the age such person is.  One thing that is for sure concerning leadership is maturity and capability to handle position in which one is assigned.  Age is never a barrier towards leadership

These points will definitely go a long way to help out.  Therefore proceed -


       You must fully be aware of the norms of your position:
 Every position one is assigned has rules, convention, pattern, constitution and orders in which it is handled.  To become a leader, you must fully be enlightened and educated towards the position you got.  Because, anyone who is not informed towards an occupation cannot handle such duties related to his occupation.  Let’s say for a CEO, he has to know the rules and ways to preside a meeting, regulate people under him and as well know how to keep good relationship with his associates.


Know that you are a leader: 
Some leaders, instead of knowing the fact they are leaders think the other way round, being a follower.  A leader is distinctive from his followers and should maintain his ground as a leader.  Also, you needn’t always let your followers know that you have no idea towards a particular issue.  Simply let them know that you will find a solution towards it.  Knowing that you are a leaders is simply seeing yourself automatically recognized by your follower, that you are one.

        You must be smart and intelligent:

 Having these qualities is not difficult.  Though some persons are not really quick in their intellectual process, but everyone has what is known as ‘initiative’.  This initiative is a sense of doing something without being told how to do it.  To be smart towards this, you should learn how to articulate and solve problems, even when it is impromptu.


           Have a guardian or mentor: 

Even most great personalities, if not all have mentors.  One who will guild them in what they do.  Sometimes, your mentor(s) will make you go a long way, especially when he is in the same field with you.  So you got to have one.


  Read and study your work:

A leader is not and should not be satisfied with his level.  Studying your work and comparing it to others more successful, will help you know that there is competition. In this regards, you will come to see yourself in great skills and tactics of gaining upper hand towards leadership.


       Respect and take advice from your partners: 

‘No one is an island’, they say, is real.  As such, you got take advice from people you work with, despite the fact you are the leader.  As long as such opinions or advice as the case may be is genuine and makes good points, there is no need to disparage them.


      Love what you do: 

A leader should not just go into it because others are leaders and crave to be one.  In regards to this, you have to love the fact that you’re a leader.  Because, those that love what they do gives more importance to it and by so doing, they make it at the top.  Whereas you have no like for what you do, try and develop a likeness towards it, you’ll make it.

Finally, aside having a mentor, associate with successful people in the same field as yours and also maintain a strong relationship with them.  It is likely that they will disclose their secret towards leadership and thereby giving you upper hand.

Hope this helps?  Do good to get in touch, so that we know whether you like it or not.
All best!

Sunday, 13 March 2016



Do you know?

when a child is born, has spiritual parents coming with him

The ‘parenthood’ of the world is just a physical tittle of human producer.  But the reality is, everyone on earth has more than two parents.  In fact, the biological parents are secondary, as a result, there is/ are spiritual parent(s) everyone possesses.  Though many might not know this, but that is it. The father and mother seen today are mere tools used to bring something that looks them to the world, guild them to an extent, after which the real father comes to have them.  What should we know towards this subject?  There where we truly belong and what makes us belong there.  The issue so many people face is ignorance, doubts and biased mindsets, even when they are informed towards reality.

Do you really think you have just this type of parents?
No! Not at all.

One should be in the position to ask himself; ‘Who really am I, where do I really belong to and where will I go after here?’  These questions are often overlooked because it seems irrelevant to answer but the truth is, it must be answered by all, as long as there is life in those who are human.  Every human being is designed in such a way that one person is three in one.  There is the ‘Spirit, soul and body’.  The Spirit is connected to the spiritual parents and such is determined by what one is and who he is.  ‘What’ one is, is his functions on earth, the role of his living and what defines his existence on earth, while ‘who’ someone is, is his identity; for example some people’s identity is criminally-minded, good personality,  good/bad attitude, biography, character and so on.  Bear it in mind that who one is and what one is looks and sounds similar and could easily be interchanged and misused or misunderstood, if care is not taken.  Therefore try to get it well in order to avoid misconception of thought.

The saying, which says; “By their fruits, we shall know them”, is one of the greatest determinants of one’s identity both physically and spiritually.  It is obvious that one cannot not talk of the physical happenings without the spiritual realm, in the sense that the spiritual controls the physical.  Haven known that, you will concur with me that everyone on earth has a spiritual man in him, be it good or bad.  But the case study here is, where such person got the invisible traits of spirit he possesses.  In regards to this, some people do not even know there spiritual identity and parents, while others know and are strongly aware of what evil or good they do.

There is a person who possesses you during your life-stay on earth.  But someone not visible.

This piece is just to pass across to the world at large that there exist a kind of spiritual relationship everyone acquires.  And everyone should be able to know where he belongs to because, this spirited belongingness exist in two ways.  There is the Spirit of God and that of the devil.  Yes! Both are the contradicted kingdom that is ‘in the happen’ right now and whereby one falls ignorant of where he belongs to, it is very dangerous.  Even when such person belongs to that of God and do not know, he will be kicked off the track for not knowing such.  Ignorance is really a big issue that could get anyone lost.  In the other hand, those who are for the devil and do not know, are really in big problems because, they are being used but do not know.  More so, if one knows that he is of the devil and is proud of that, the truth is, at last, there will be no good reward that will be given to such person, but condemnation of everlasting death.  Dear reader, it is good you know who and what you are and direct your identity and functions on earth for good.

The aftermath of one’s roles, identity and spiritual belongingness has great impact on such person’s life both on earth and beyond.  Don’t really do something because you want to please man or friends but do it because you know with conviction that you are doing the right thing.  One funny thing is, it is possible that those who follow the footsteps of bad fellows end up destroyed, while their mentor go free, and all these also touches life physically and spiritually.  Therefore there is a need to be very careful on the type of parents one possesses spiritually.  One thing that is sure of everyone is REWARD and is not just affected on earth but that place where one finds himself after death. Have the right parents in all doing, so that blessings would be the reward you get.