Saturday, 9 December 2017

Human Packaging Industry – WHO WORKS HERE?

What is packaging?

Originally, this words is meant for business engagements of packing into box, containers, shaping and getting ready for SALE of any product. Maybe, that could be simple definition, and may have a better one.

However, the question and lesson to be learnt from this place is – how has human packaging turn humanity into products?

You see people, while human packaging is the order of the day, in order to be among the happening personalities in town, it is done out of immaturity and childishness. You know why? Originality is sincerity, and if anyone has never learnt how to be original or sincere, such person is still a kid (you are free to prove this wrong).

On the other hand, those who think that packaging is the right thing to do in order to soar higher in disguise, it is actually a disguise of misuse of oneself, and hiding behind the scene of fake life. It is purely fake, and that is not you.

The worst thing ever that can happen to anyone is to become nothing from something, and be reduced from human-humanity to human-product. Do you actually know what human-packaging is in the right senses? It is nothing but selling yourself by letting yourself to be manufactured from nothing by yourself, packing yourself into nothing by you and giving yourself nothing, all by you. This is the business engagement whereby you are both the manufacturer and the seller, while your industry remains what could be seen as ‘LIABILITY-OF-NO-ASSET’.

It is obvious that those who package themselves are those who really need to be helped, but are ashamed to be sincere.
What do you actually gain from packaging?

Your packaging would have once, twice or more made you miss that great opportunity or whatever award it could be, because you refused to show your real self in order to be helped by a friend – he or she assumes that you are really well-to-do person, while in the actual sense you are not what you are.

You have gained shame at last while packaging – nothing that is packaged in life, be it a product or human-product that would not be unpackaged. So a day will come when you will be unpackaged, and you know what that means – to reveal who you truly are, and that shames you at last. If it hasn’t occurred to you yet, don’t assume that your case is different. This world is a small world, so you cannot live a packaged life forever. Even though you an expert, one day you will get married, and your spouse would have to contend with you.

PACKAGING IS AS GOOD AS BLOWING OFF YOUR LIGHT, and why do that to yourself? Most people pray ceaselessly against what is after them – this is very dangerous especially while you pray against something you are the cause. You can’t package yourself in a box where there is no light and expect light to come your way. Things that are hidden remain hidden until they are unpackaged. Even when you go to the mall or shop to get a product, sometimes some products are doubted beyond packaging. This is to say that no matter how nice and attractive they look, there is this string of doubt that may arise in your mind, which persuades you for a sample. And if you can’t reach the sample, you would probably lose the courage to buy that product.  

The same thing is applied to all men. You got to unpack your human-package so that your helper would have good sight to see you clearly and know where to start to help you. If not, your packaging would always scare them, as they would assume that you are the wrong person to be helped, while in reality and inside of you, you are desperate for help.

Just a take people, and thanks for reading.

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