Tuesday, 6 February 2018

HAVE YOU CRIED TODAY? - by Onyeuche Godson

It is allowed to cry

Many think that crying is an expression meant for kids alone, or any other who might be considered as a weaker vessel. That is not true. Anyone can cry, irrespective of your status, height, age, position or what have you; it’s allowed. If you have not cried for a while, you are missing out, and you need to cry for that which you have held back. When you cry, it doesn’t mean you are no longer a GENTLE MAN OR A VIRTUOUS LADY, neither would crying make you worthless. It is only pride that could make anyone not to cry when the need arises, and it shows an act of self-denial of natural expression, especially when it’s worth it.

THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SHEDDING TEARS AND CRYING and that is where misconception steps in, where many think that crying is all about shading tears, which has put them in a state of stagnant-devastation, and community-of-a-nonentity

CRYING is simply an outpour of broken pieces of one, to be made whole, and completely wholesome. While shedding TEARS is the outpour of some liquid substances from your lacrimal gland.

And while shedding tears does nothing to add to your wholesomeness, crying does. You can also agree that one can cry without shedding tears, and vice versa. This is to say that misunderstanding and misinformation of what these two term are have kept many where they should have stepped out from, by now.

You need to cry out. IT TAKES VOICE TO CRY OUT, and not some liquid substances that could come from wherever it may, yet got nothing to add, but to remove. It takes sincerity to cry out, and humility to back it up. It takes transparency for one to cry out. And you cannot cry out when you think that you have to shed tears.

You are permitted to cry out to God and man; speak out so that you may be heard. Tell your stories to a friend and be helped. Don’t keep it to yourself. Inasmuch as the world has viewed itself as a place where it cannot help any and be helped, there are yet a few out there who can prove the world wrong.

If one isn’t able to help, another may. And for sure you cannot dust the particles on your rear body parts. You got to need someone to do that for you, else, you will remain having those particles on you – the heaviness of those will not let you move an inch in terms of being successful, great, victorious, and so on.

Crying – it takes different forms. God first, with a sincere heart and humble soul, – approach Him, and then listen to whom he would direct you to.

Cry out today, stop keeping quiet. How long will you keep being calm, and trusting that your fate will find you. Your fate will not find you if you don’t know how to make ways for your fate to fine you.  The said fate of yours needs to have a clear view of an uninterruptible path, so that it can find you, and that cannot happen when you keep calm.

That which you needed to have cry for is still around waiting to hear your voice, and until you blow your trumpet, nothing will happen; Matthew 7:7 justifies it all.  
Note that this is not a product, but a process. May be you had blown your trumpet or have cried for a while, and stopped. No, that’s not it. You have to continue this DAILY, and COUNTLESSLY as you can. Someday, your voice is going to be heard.

Let not shyness stop you
Let not laziness stop you
Let not pride stop you.
Let not bias mindset stop you.
Let not family, friends, or even you stop you.

You can only stop yourself, nothing else. So start now to cry if you have not.         

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