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Ordinarily, no one is created to be a failure, instead people fail as a result of their own fault. This fault in question might be consciously or unconsciously minded.  Furthermore, many never wanted to fail at the initial time and do all they could to meet up with their expectations.  Unfortunately, the efforts made to curb failure in exams proves abortive and as such, the tragedy continues.  Most time, certain people wonder if magic is involved in passing exams or maybe certain persons are gifted to pass, while other are made by nature to be failures in exams.  In fact, countless unsuccessful students have given up towards passing exams and also have it as a conviction that nothing in this world could let them or help them pass exams. But the reality is the opposite of their thoughts.  The truth here is that, such persons have not come to understand or have not critically accepted or known the reality towards exam success.  Consequently, most students are unsuccessful in exams and studies, even though they cheat and go away with it. Why? Because, at the point of defence or interview towards their profession, you see them ending up being a novice in the said areas of their specialization.  Do not be such person.   Find your faults, by reading the points below and direct them for your own good!

  •     Misconception of subject/ ideas:  This is the order of the day found in most students.  Many students don’t pay attention while lectures are going on.  They have divided attention doing some other things with friends, thinking that they are really following. As such, they misunderstand the message and the main idea of the teaching.  Sometimes, some intelligent ones will deliberately choose to do this, because, they think they are really intelligent and there is no need of giving absolute attention in the sense that they can easily study at home and pass.  But the truth is, sometimes, what one expects is the opposite of what he would see.  More so, these same intelligent students wonder, after exams why the failed exams haven discovered, with a definite conviction that they truly failed.  This is really their fault.  They did not pay attention during studies and couldn’t get the ideas.  If you fall in this category, address it and see your self do well.
  • ·        Lack of studying:  These days, no student like to student any longer because most think that studying is boring, as they say.  But the question one got to ask himself is, without studying, how would passing exams be possible?  It is absolutely impossible to pass exams without studying.  Even though you don’t like studying, you should know that you must pass exams as a good students and passing exams is as a product of studying.  Therefore, get to practice how to study, culture yourself, learn it and get started.
  • ·        I hate this lecture:  During interviews with some students, most will usually say that they hate one lecturer or the other.  No matter what a lecturer do to you, you have no right to hate him because hating a teacher, is as good as failing the course(s)/subject(s) he treats. This is because, as soon as you hate him, there will be an automatic hatred for the courses he teaches and his classes will seem boring to you, even when others consider him the best teacher.  So, get to reconcile with your teachers and follow.
  • ·         Pride:  This man, as I do call him is an adult that can overwhelm everyone in all ramification when room is given to him to do so.  It also occurs in studies, especially in higher institutions.  Students in the higher education will usually think they have arrived, haven attain the level of university or college student.  But this is the beginning of failure.  If you think you have arrived, you will hardly take instructions and end up measuring yourself with the teachers.  Also, you will get tired of taking class and home assignments and start seeing yourself feeling reluctant in participating in tests and examinations.  When this man come to hit you and you don’t hit him back, by humbling yourself, you have failed already; not only in exams but in other things.  Get reed of it and be who you originally are.
  • ·        Bad friends/peers: ‘Bad manners corrupt good ones’ they say, is a reality. Having a bad friend(s) is the worst thing that could happen to anyone.  Bad fellows are product of nothing or product of bad fruit because bad tree brings forth to that which it looks like. If you have bad companies in schools and colleges, there is no how you can excel in examination, in the sense that such are not really serious with studies, they come to make friends, flirt, show off their parents’ wealth, answer names and so on.  Therefore, beware of bad fellows and face your studies to yield great personality.
  • ·        Wrong carrier choice and Professional camouflage:  This is most concerned with students in the higher education too.  Most people make wrong choices of courses and end up failing such courses.  In most cases, you see people studying law, in order to be called a lawyer, not that they are naturally inclined towards that field.  Before one engages with any course of study, he must be naturally fluent in such carrier and not making a picture of camouflage because at the end, such person will end up not producing quality result, no matter how intelligent, smart and great he is towards academia. Therefore, choose the right course that suits you and your carrier in order not to fail exams.
  • ·        Absenteeism: This simply depicts that act of being absent in classes.  This, most times does not occur accidentally. Students intentionally give themselves leaves and holidays in the name of social activities and other unnecessary reasons which are not worthy to be mentioned.  Research had proven that 75% of what teachers say in class is what they set and bring in exams, as a result, anyone who is fond of the habit of being absent in classes, is planning to fail because such things been said might not be found in any other source.  This is where most teachers ‘catch’ the students who would intentionally leave their classes for other things.  It had been tested and proven.  Keep all class attendance and see yourself blow it at the top.
  •       Bad attitude:  This one is mostly a secret many don’t know.  If you are known for bad behavior and attitude in the school, you will not be recognized for good and being recognized for good is the beginning of passing exams.  The secret here is that most teachers and lecturers respect and give credits to students who showcases good characteristic trait, coupled with their intelligence.  But even though you are really the topper of the class, in terms of intelligence and exhibits bad character, they will feel reluctant towards any affairs of yours, including your exam exercises.  During the course of marking your papers, they will usually say: “This boy/girl! Nothing good comes out of him/her, I don’t think there is something to read here”.  Moreover, they would say in their minds- “ones attitude depicts how his work will be”.  Therefore, they will end up not giving your work closer attention, even when you have made good points.  Correct your errors and work towards good attitude, it helps a lot.

  • ·        Bad relationship with teachers:  how do you relate with your teachers? Are you rude, heady and arrogant to them? If your answer to the above questions are negative, that means your teachers will keep you in their black book.  If you say; “am a good student and I love all their subjects/courses so, I will pass”, that is a big error.  What you have to consider is this, any move you make, your teachers know. You have to consider also, the type of body movement you showcase during the time they call your name, ask you questions, use you as examples and so on.  Your body movement talk more about you, but may be ignorant to you.  If deep down in you, you really have bad relationship with them and pretend to be good, they will also know and once your name get to their black book, your name

      is sorry.  Because, they will not even give any credit to your works.
  • ·        Poor exam preparation:  how do you prepare for your exams? Do you just hope on the things you are given in the class? If yes, that is a contributant to failure.  As a serious student, you must study ahead of teachers and make provisions of extra material for exam preparation because all that is given to you in the class is not enough, at all.  If you use only what the teachers teach you, you will be short of words to write, such things you have will be skeletal and there will be no ‘flesh’ found in it.  Start today to read extra and ahead of the teachers.  Use at least two material in your study purpose. By that, exam success is assured.
  • ·         Pray, pray, pray:  Yes, you should pray to be a success.  Don’t say: “why should I pray?”  Hey! With God all things are possible. This one is a big secret too, that is known and practiced by few.  Though you might be intelligent, have good character, loved by all in the school, maintains good relationship with teachers and studies a lot. But the truth is, there are many unseen forces (evil) in school, colleges and universities.  I usually tell people that such places is another community outside the community they know. There is nothing one cannot find in the schools.  These forces will subdue anyone who is seen great towards academia and others. They will attack you so that you fail. Try it out today and see yourself progressing. In case you don’t know how to pray, ask someone who knows to teach you and you are on a safer side.  

With the above, you are a genius.  I know of someone who usually advice students, using himself as an example.  He will always say that back in the days, he was a failure in exams and school activities, but after he put interest and exercised exactly the above listed, he saw that he was very good. Now, he is hardly seen failing exams.  Therefore, exercise yours today and see the result.  But note; if there is no interest in what you are doing, there would be no good result so, you must develop a burning desire to learn and be successful with studies.

Good wishes I bring to you in all ramification, not only studies. All the best!

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