Wednesday, 17 February 2016



Have you ever been interrupted in your discussion with someone or in an important interview, by a ring of phone the minute your conversation is at its peak and you picked the call or tempted to pick it, rather than concentrating in your discussion?
If yes, you are a slave to your phone, or better still the phone uses you, instead of the other way round.  Sorry, if this hurts!

The truth is that the person you’re talking to, be it a superior or minor, he takes you far below thought than you can imagine; even at the realization of your fault.

Ways to tackle this problem are as follows in a rhetorical Question

  •        Don’t pick up the phone immediately the thought of telephoning someone occurs to you, first ask (exclusive, but consider).
  •      Even if the call is worth taking, do I really need to take it at this moment?
  •          Should phone ring distract an important conversation?
  •         Am I not matured enough to pretend as though nothing happened?
  •        Shouldn’t I maintain a good personality status by being a gentle lady/man?
  •         Who am I to the phone?
  •         What/who is the phone to me?

This is obvious because, I see many people make different body movements, even when another phone with similar ring with theirs rings.
Phone is a distraction, get rid of its attitude and never let it influence you

Good luck!

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