Thursday, 14 July 2016


Anything you want to do is you, yourself I mean.  And whatever you want to do towards personal, family or societal growth is definitely possible.  Don’t say or have it that you cannot do it.  Maybe, you are young, inexperienced or discouraged by people around.  But the truth is, whatever be you, is you and whatever you have as to conviction that you can do is exactly what will take you to the top. So, don’t disparage that voice that says you can; as long as what you tend to do or are doing is that which is morally acknowledged.

Sometimes, friends, family or even bias thoughts can let you know that you cannot do it.  Though it’s normal because there must be such things that will like to hinder you, or even discourage you.  But don’t stop there.  Carry on and hit the nail at the head.  Haven started doing those things you long to do, you may not be perfect at first, but you will surly make it, as long as you engage in constant practice.

Don’t be afraid of failure.  Those who feared failure never made it and there is a tendency that those who avoid failure may not make it, unless miracle is involved.  So appreciate failure and carry on. A contemporary quote says - “Failure is a lubricant that will enable you fit into the tight cadre of greatness”.  Hence, learn from your mistakes and never give up.  

Learn how to rebuke the spirit of “I don’t think I can do it”.  Really it works.  Ever since I learnt to do so, I have been conquering challenges of failure.  Having the thought of failure always make people fail.  And the tendency of this being true is 95 percent.  So try to tell yourself that you can do it; always have positive mindset on things you do.  There are countless lads out there who made it at tender age, because they were courageous.  I call them lad because, that’s what they are, to have achieved something great.

We may appreciate the youngest noble prize winner; Miss Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani girl, who at tender age started what she loved most, Seeking to go through academia (amidst stiff-necked circumstances), and standing for the youngsters all of the world, in order to activate child’s awareness programs – especially female children and lady-youths. Now, she’s the most ever notable young political activist.  Therefore, I believe you can make it as she did.

Finally, believe in yourself. Trust the personality of yourself.  Stop counting others greater than you are.  No one is created to be great.  But everyone bears the image of greatness, and greatness will never be, unless such person starts setting goals and working towards achievement.  Hence, those who are great today is as a result of their hard work.  And never seek for shortcuts, because shortcuts are evil and leads one to destruction.  Just go through the normal process. You will make it. Always say to yourself with confidence and faith – I can make it; pray to God, work towards it and see yourself blossom in greatness.

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