Tuesday, 26 July 2016


In daily basis, there are things said to keep man alive and as such, let one be recognized a human. There are still people out there who don’t consider these things, and end up bugging their lives, or even living a life of self-enmity. Psychologists believe that everyone need the following to live life to the fullest and be enriched with life’s blessings.

Laugh and smile often:

These two are indeed among the sinews of life.  They make people live long and keep happy all day.  Though, there are certain moments when people tend not to be happy for inevitabilities, maybe hardship, tension or stress.  But the truth is, everyone got to find a way to press forward because, not smiling or even laughing often reduces life span of an individual.  So, don’t hurt yourself by not practicing smiling and laughing.  They purifies the heart, soul and mind; and thereby helps one to be psychologically alert.

Talk to people:

There are numerous people out there believed to have chosen to be isolated from the neighborhood.  This is absolutely wrong. You can agree with me that the isolated easily grow old; not by age, but by their physical appearance.  Take for instance, you meet someone who is 30 years old, thinking he’s 50 or more.  His unsociable attitude is behind the scene.  So, look at the mirror, check your physical appearance; and if you tend to be older than your age, you’re not associating with people.

Avoid being angry without a cause:

If you are among those who cannot let go the stimulations of anger for triviality, know that something is wrong.  Anger is one of the lives’ phenomenal properties and should be followed carefully.  As anyone is exposed to the risk of being angry, there are possibilities of creating room for the devil in one’s heart.  And when that happens, such persons affected may do irrevocable acts; which may lead them to problems.  So avoid anger.

Overcoming grudges:

For those who are not familiar with the subject, it simply means harbouring certain feelings within you; probably someone wronged you, knowingly or unknowingly.  The truth is, this act is capable of killing anyone before his time. Most times, the person you have this negative feelings for is ignorant of the goings-on, yet you have evil thoughts against him.  Moreover, he would be feeling very fine, healthy and strong, while you are busy hating him and depreciating in all ramification. Just learn how to let issues go, and also learn to forgive people who wrong you. If God can forgive you your sins, you should also be in the position to forgive others.  So, work on this now by reconciling with those you have negative for.

Make people talk about you:

This one may seem awkward right?  But it is certain that if no one talk about you, either for good or bad, you do not exist.  Hence, people saying their views about you simply means you live and that is normal.  Don’t see it as some crazy things.  Now, how can you make people talk about you? One can be a subject of a topic if he makes people smile especially.  Try to put smile on people’s face.  They will surly appreciate and talk about you, and it will pave way for you, and give you a bright future. Be a light unto people, and see what I’m talking about.       

The above when practiced accurately helps in adding life to people, and gives room to happy living.  As such, try to see the above stated as daily routine.  You’ll surely live a happy life.             

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