Thursday, 1 September 2016


Selfie, selfie, selfie. Everyone selfie.  Everything selfie. Father and mother, selfie. Sister and brother, selfie. Uncle and aunt, selfie. Cousin, selfie. Nephew and niece, selfie.  Boys and girls, selfie. In the morning, selfie. In the afternoon, selfie. In the evening, selfie. While on bed, selfie. In the dream, selfie.

In every occasion, selfie. School students, selfie. College students, selfie. Post graduate, selfie. Every office, selfie. In wedding ceremonies, selfie. Birthday parties, selfie. Sent forth parties, selfie. Selfie upon selfie. Selfie in selfie. When taken in group, yet selfie. Selfie within selfie. Selfie without selfie. On camera roll, selfie. While one dances, selfie. Every party, selfie.

Sweet, sweet selfie. But sometimes can cause bitter sweet experiences. Selfie have caused death. Selfie is happy with selfie. But sadness come when selfie makes one’s self selfless. Selfie has caused horror. Yesterday, the boy died – selfie. On train station he stood taking selfie. While taking selfie of himself, the train crushed just himself, not two – all in the name of selfie.

Nice food, selfie. Sweet juice, selfie. Good apartment, selfie. While driving, selfie. New clothes, selfie. Every animal, selfie. Anything new calls for selfie. Men love taking selfie with their friend’s friends. In the toilet these days, selfie. Personal person’s office, selfie. Personal group-selfie. General Selfie. Grand selfie. Mini selfie. Every Dick and Harry, selfie. At the bus stand, selfie. Train stations, selfie. In the hospital, selfie. While Papa is in coma, selfie. Mama severely sick, selfie. When dude is dying, selfie. Even in the ambulance, selfie. At the mortuary, selfie.

Oh thou selfie! You have dealt with humanity, no gentility.

If you can’t take selfie, you are on your own. If your selfie is not functioning, you be yourself. If you don’t have a selfie phone, it is all yourself. Myself, yourself, himself, herself, themselves, all is self, self – still upon selfie. What a world or SELF and SELFIE. ‘Mummy, let’s take selfie. Daddy stay well, you’re on selfie. Brother you need to smile, this is selfie. Sister you are beautiful on this selfie’. Uncle and aunty, together on selfie. Selfie, selfie, selfie. What did selfie do to man? What relationship has selfie with man? Oh ye generation of self and selfie. Sorry to selfie. Selfie is sorry for selfie. Sorry upon sorry to selfie. Upon sorry to sorry for humanity.

With selfie, men laugh. Selfie makes an angry man smile. Mr. and Mrs. Selfie. Barrister (Dr.) selfie. Professor Selfie.  Dr. (Mrs) selfie. Master Selfie. Miss Selfie. Uncle Selfie. Aunty Selfie. The sister of selfie. Brother of selfie. Selfie’s brother’s friend. The brother of selfie’s sister. The family of selfie. With all, there’s nothing but selfie. Selfie’s sister’s brother. Selfie-self. All is in one selfie.

Very soon, animals will start taking selfie. Dogs on selfie. Goats on selfie. Cows on selfie. Bison on selfie. Birds on selfie. Tigers on selfie. Lions on selfie. Monkeys on selfie. Donkeys on selfie. Horses on selfie. Snakes on selfie. Ants on selfie. Fishes on selfie. All of them not mentioned would like to be on selfie someday. If not, why not? Why not, if not selfie? Doubt not the powers of selfie. Everything in life is all about self.

Techno-selfie. Apple-selfie. Micro-selfie. Phono-selfie. Samsung-selfie. Nokia-selfie. Sonny-selfie. All of them takes selfie.

Let not selfie kill yourself. That’s all it got to say.

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