Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Being in new times does not have anything to do with change as to climatic condition, weather forecast, the colour of the environment, name of people, situations and so on. The calendar does not change in its order of days and months. January to December, and Sunday to Saturday remains the same.

If you look closely, you’ll agree that there are no changes at all, regarding the above stated. And that’s how it’s going to be in this 2017. The only thing that changes is the situation of man – either from good to better or from bad to worst. It depends on where you fall.

Things seem not to change or progress for some people, and that is why they are not moved when a new year approaches. If you ask, they will tell you that they are not interested in celebrating a new year – life is always stagnant in most of the things they do. Well, they are and are also not to be blamed.


They are not to be blamed in that ‘ignorance’ as a tool of excuse is applied. Many are ignorant of the codes applied in order to attain greater heights in a new year. But the forgiveness that is attached to this is limited. So, one should take care of this.
On the other hand,   

They are to be blamed because, they have not taken time to acquire the foresight those who succeed have. They for grant certain things that propel anyone to celebrate a new year – they are not bothered to fight their ignorance, and such makes anyone remain in the last year, while others are in the new one.  And if they don’t understand this and put it right, a new year will not mean anything to them.    

That is why one MUST ask him or herself this question – if he or she is still in 2016.
To be sure one is in 2017, one must see every New Year in these perspective. And it takes awareness to follow these up.

Every second is new;
In as much as no one can predict the event of the next second or minute, as the case maybe – in that anything can happen any time, it is also important to understand that every new year got packages – wonderful packages to offer those who want to have them, by utilizing the opportunity at hand. As such, have it at the back of your mind that starting a new year, you have to expect your own package. It is necessary, and should come to everyone. It is only those who are ignorant miss the opportunities, as it is only those who are informed can pursue that which they are aware of. So be aware of this. It works only when one is fully sure about having fully understand how it works, not to think that it may be true or not. Understand that if things are bad yesterday, they can be good today, or in the nearest future.

Questions you’ve never considered.
Have you ever asked the reason why people are blessed every year? Surly, some people are and must be blessed every year. And this cannot stop. It is a continuous process. And another question is – have you asked why your own blessings don’t come when you expect things that never come to you? That’s it. That’s to show you that the first point above is real – there is always a package for everyone. Haven’t you also noticed that some of those who were poor last year are rich this year? This speaks for genuine richness, not otherwise. However, there are still those who remain stagnant. But why? This question must be fixed to proceed to the next point.

One cannot enjoy a new year without sacrificing for it, as nothing good comes easily. And inasmuch as the package is sure, one must consider the fact that he or she must work to pay for it. To see that you don’t remain in last year, you have to sacrifice those thing that should be, if you didn’t do them last year, and/or put more effort in the sacrifices you’ve already done in order to ride to a greater height. Because, most times, the sacrifices people make are not enough. And little or no sacrifices, cannot take one to where he needs to be. Hence, do something positively acknowledged to get your reward.

Don’t be desperate:
Some people think that being desperate heightens the level of one’s dedication. It’s not true. Anything that comes as a result of desperateness isn’t what you think it is. Gradual process is the key. Nothing good comes as a product of magic or shortcuts. Those takes one back to square one when they can no longer hold what they hold. So you have to take it easy – but perseverance and a dedicated heart is surely the way.

Propel your knowledge, wisdom, skills, acquisition and strength into activation:
Many have all these without having the knowledge. There are strong men out there who don’t even know they are strong. Because, they’ve not engaged in a fight before. How can one know whether or not he or she is a good fighter without fighting? It’s not possible. That’s the problem many face today. Thousands of people out there have knowledge of one thing or the other – they are wise, they have good skills, and the like but still remain stagnant. This is pathetic. No one’s head is a coconut. Everyone got something upstairs. Why not try what you are good at, and focus there, than waiting for manna to fall from heaven?
Now, to help yourself out in what you are good at is by this;

If you want to know what you are good at, it’s that thing you cherish in other people. Psychologically, people always admire what they have chances to be good at, without even knowing. For example, most fans of dancers may, in most cases know how to dance; some fans of musician are good singer – so it is applied to other things. This is a secret not known to all. It is only when you try it out, you see that you are good at it. Another thing is those things you love at childhood. If you ask most writers when they started writing, majority will tell you that it’s what they started at childhood. It happens in such a way that they will see themselves creative with letters – that’s in the early stage of childhood. Gradually, they become inquisitive about difficult words, from there they go into emulating other writers, having fallen in love with reading, and eventually end up becoming a writer –

This happened to me, and now, I’m a published writer – if I didn’t try writing, I wouldn’t have known that I could write. You can try yours too.

Take authority over the days.
Do you know that you can make your days be as you want it? Yes, it’s possible. You can direct your days, and turn them to your favour – except for inevitabilities – they are an exception, but does not occur often. One can decide to take notes of what he or she want to achieve in a day, and hit all or almost all before the day runs down. It works. It takes only personal culture and discipline. You have to discipline yourself to get things achieved. If you are a type that postpone, compromise or toy with things, you hardly make your year a better one. So plan the year well, take authority over it, and work towards your plans with a disciplined heart to achieve your goal.

I will not forget to tell you this.
No matter what you do, if you don’t pray sincerely and fervently, things will not be the way you want them to be. Surely, people hardly make it without being closer to God. That’s the truth I must not forget to tell you. If I don’t, I haven’t written anything. There are unseen forces against every great steps anyone makes. For that, prayer is what is keeping many going. So, if you’re not in a good relationship with God, better fix things, and see for yourself how great you’ll become.
I know that some will say – ‘I’m not closer to any God, but I’m making it’. Yes, you may be making it now, but it will not always be as you expect it to be, as anything can kick you off track – because you are alone.  And for those who does not believe in the existence of God – I advice you to watch your back – those who don’t are already dead while they live.  

This is to create a better future, and help people recognize their stand in 2017, and upcoming years ahead.      
Have a wonderful new year with great achievements

I hope this helps. 

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