Friday, 13 January 2017

What if your role model isn’t Who you think he or she is?

Many people will not like this. And by chance, you may not like it as well. But it got something to say, which has not been considered ever. 

Most people would always say that they have one or more role models, who guide them in the areas where they find them attractive. This is a subconscious process though.  Well, that’s good. But you must understand that having a role model as to having an intimate attachment with the said person is dangerous. It is better to have intimate likeness towards the qualities, rather than the person himself – yes, rather than the person.  I will tell you the reason for this.

By definition, role model is simply someone worthy of emulation.

But before proceeding, here comes a very snappy story that falls between the lines.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a famous Nigerian author discloses in the Humanizing History discussion the reason she doesn’t like people to take her to heart as a role model. According to her, she resists those kind of role model things, having seen youngsters who work up to her to congratulate her, and wish to be a writer because of her. She said this in that a woman in Lagos sent her a mail telling her how her daughter looks up to her. As such, she shouldn’t write about SEX in her next story, probably she’s not being a good role model to her daughter. It didn’t just end there. She goes on and suggests the condition in which the author should do her own works in case of next time.

In this regard, she – the author chose to write what she loves, having the notion that there are people who also care about what she love to write. And in most cases, everyone mustn’t like it. So what is the fate of those who call her their role model? 

In regards to the above, many people love their role models beyond limit. And are able to die for them if the chance be. You see, loving a role model should be as one would love anyone around him or her. But going beyond limit is dangerous, as stated earlier. The best thing to do is to love their good attributes as you would extremely hate anyone’s attitude – not the person. That is the way it should be because, if you love them beyond going back when any contrasted issues is announced against them, you will definitely hate them beyond forgiveness. Hence, the qualities and attributes are to be loved, so that if to hate arises, it wouldn’t be on the role model, but the role itself.

This has put many in a state where they are unable to decipher reality from fantasy, accusation, falsehood, and facts. Why? Because most cases whom they think their role model is isn’t who he or she true is. That is why everyone got to be very careful when dealing with a role model. In that case, you will even hate yourself for falling in love with such person at the first place, or raise abuses and insults that shouldn’t come from anyone.

The world is very vast, and has thousand different communities squeezed into one – and called the globe. The day you will hear that your role model is the opposite of what you wouldn’t imagine, don’t be surprised. That’s it for you, and it does happen. Notwithstanding, a false allegation could be raised against such person, and if the society recognize it as true, it would be difficult to convince them that it’s false. And by so doing, you are termed a cohort to the affected role model, which you might have no chances of meeting him or her ever since you are born. Isn’t that funny?    

Therefore, the choice is yours, to whom you tag my role model with extreme love. However, you must know that no one asks you to hate or abhor your role model – for that’s a bad idea. And no one will love the roles of another without liking the model himself.

This is to create a good relationship in the world, both great and small.
Choose wisely.

But remember, this article is a product of a question – If you get to know that your role model isn’t whom you think he or she is, what will you do?

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