Wednesday, 17 May 2017


A little girl was asked to make a wish, she began,
‘I wish to be an animal so that I can have peace of mind’.
 Imagine! Not even to be like any personality on earth. At least to be like a role she should have admired, but an animal. Isn’t that interesting? It is obvious that no one could fit what she desires – a trouble-free life. This is what the world needs – a trouble-free life. But the possibility for life to be so is zero percent. So, the little kid is right in her wish.   

Examine the world of animals – WHAT A GENEROUS AND KIND WORLD! Just see this. It is evidential that animals are far better than man. The only privilege man got over animals is the advance sense of reasoning, yet man cannot reason properly. It’s painful to see animal over man in all. The supposed advance sense of reasoning that is gifted to man has automatically become the birthmark of animals, while man occupy the state of the said animals. If chances are given to animals, they make good leaders. 
  • ·        I don’t know if one has seen any animal brush its teeth, yet theirs remain neater than that of man
  • ·        Most animals don’t take baths, no makeups, no costumes, etc yet they look more beautiful than man
  • ·         Animals don’t go to church, yet they keep to good moral standards
  • ·        Animals don’t betray each other, they love themselves, while man is always busy planning how to kill his own family
  • ·         Animals don’t go to school, college or University, yet they have knowledge of art, science and technology to better their lives
  • ·        They don’t conduct elections, yet their leaders are assured without oppositions
  • ·        Have anyone seen them in the market? Everything is given them freely and remained free for them. While some free gift of nature are bought as a result of some ill-nature, stiff-necked and selfish personalities. Sometimes one is asked to pay for stepping through a path, or even pay before drinking from a stream.    
  • ·        Have anyone seen civil wars conducted in the oceans by fishes, or in the forest by other animals?
  • ·        Have any news story claimed that some animals have campaigned to own a property or possess what does not belong to them? Have they ever crave to own a mansion? Yet the order of the day has it that man cannot be contented with whatever he has, no matter how big it is.
  • ·        Can any animal have it in mind to kidnap a fellow animals? Name them. There are many things animals don’t perform against themselves.

They always say, ‘birds of the same feather flock together’, that’s because they are birds of the same feathers and enjoy flocking together as brothers. But when it comes to man, he would usually ask, ‘Why should we have the same feather? I think I should break one of his so that he can bow to me’, not considering that one day his own feather could be faulty and stand a chance to be helped by the other. That is why there is no progress in the society. How can there be progress when few people love to become great, and majority are treated as less important. Don’t the society know that the few that are great can go down anytime, thereby cause regression to the growth of the society? Truth be told, when everyone is appreciated to an acceptable cost of living, and have what can take care of life, when some great men are down, others are there to raise them.

Let the world of animals still be seen, understood, and appreciated. Many people do not know why lion and other angry animals tear humans into pieces when they sets their eyes on them. It is because man is second-named HARM, so the animals would always arm themselves in order not to be harmed, in the sense that if they are not defensively strong, man will use them for meat, but unfortunately for him, not every animal could be used for meat.

 The world of animals –    
    ·       A world without envy, jealousy, hatred, etc
    ·        A world in the forest, where all are provided
    ·        A world without pain, suffering, war, etc
    ·        A world without recession, lack of food,
    ·        A world where the useful money is useless

Why can’t the world of man be like that of the animals? It is believed that many have asked same question again and again, yet, nothing happened; neither did they anyone answer them. But to answer this question, every Dick and Harry got a role to play. The role is to play a game of harmlessness. That is why animals survive. They are harmless to their species, and until man live a life like that of animals, the world is not going to be any better. The question is, is the world ever going to be better?  

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