Sunday, 20 August 2017



In the inner you, you hear voices like that of tsunami or earthquake telling you how poor in strength you are to persevere and to do that which you find so dearly to do, and which you can benefit from. And each time these voices come, they present to you some pictorial narration to let you agree that you are not equal to the task, that the said task which you plan to achieve (I wouldn’t know what it is – whatever it could be) is bigger than you, heavier than you can carry, and stronger than ‘your own strong’.

This is not real. These are some designed psychological paintings and ‘fictitious-something’ that seem realer than they are. I tell you, the eyes is the second strongest entity that can weigh a man down, after the tongue. Now, your thoughts have said it, and pass messages to your eyes, which confirms it that those things you plan to achieve are not possible. Who said so? Don’t let what you have control you, control what you have. Tell your eye that it is one of the members of your body, and you are the man in charge, who decide what is big and what is not. Tell your thoughts that it is merely a part of you that can let you decide and take precautions and not ‘you’, you are. Let your heart be the engine of your soul. Let your heart tell you that you are capable of doing something great.

The journey of a thousand mile they say, starts with a step. Then if you aren’t going to let those cumbersome thoughts go, and start from the little attempt at hand, I tell you, the eyes is so tricky to let you know that you can’t achieve your goals. Many who have achieved what they have now can’t still figure out that it could be possible to achieve those. They have almost given up, if not for the sake of some spoken words, words of motivation – such words as these coming to you.

You need not look back because someone said you can’t do it. It kills the spirit

You need not look back because no one in your family has ever achieved it. Failure to achieve a thing isn’t hereditary. It is about your fate, and yours isn’t empty, proceed.

You need not look at the failure of others and assume the same thing would happen to you. Who said so? You are not them. You are you, and everyone has a distinctive entity that makes him different from others – you have not tried

You need not be afraid of failure. It is a lubricant that will let you fix into the cadre of greatness. If you fail, learn from it and persevere. Next time you could be better. When you fail, it doesn’t mean you have failed forever. There is no inscription of failure on your forehead, check well.

You need not let the little resource(s) tell you that you have nothing to start with. Resources are not the power-point to make it in life. The power-point is the mind, wisdom and diplomacy to utilize the little you have, so start from the little and grow to the big. A mansion was not built in a day

Don’t be weighed down by any circumstance at hand – those are mere thoughts that are framed into your mental process to think they are real. The heart as said earlier is the engineer. Always be optimistic, inspire and motivate yourself. Beat your chest and continue doing that which can make you great sooner. Disregard friendless statements that can weight you down. But be sensitive enough to discern which is a sincere advice and misleading process. Be wise, creative, and strong. Be heavier than the heavy thinkable streams of failure going on in your mind.

That which you want to achieve, start now to do it, don’t wait till tomorrow because there is no tomorrow. Today was once called a tomorrow, and here it is a today. So let your tomorrow be the now you can’t afford to lose.    

Best wishes!

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