Wednesday, 10 January 2018


A talk with these students was educative – they learnt from me as well as I did from them.

The students; listening attentively 

It happened at Mahatma Montessori Matriculation Higher Secondary School AlagarkoilResidential, Madurai – India. The school Authority has taken bold steps towards broadening the intellectual, as well as potentials of these kids, by attracting International personalities from America, Africa and some others to educate them on various International relations/bodies and foreign experiences. This is what few school would find time to do, but this particular school is among the few exceptional which are ready to do positive possibilities to let their kids be at the top, in this present time and in the future

I was welcomed at the resident on Monday, 8 January, 2018 to lecture these student on the basics of Aviation, travelling experiences, the importance of exploring new cultures and lifestyle in general. It was indeed a turn-up of interpersonal interaction, and a platform of free airing of views with them. Seeing through their silent voices of curiosity, I understood that they are students who are eager and willing to learn; as some, if not all anticipate to go beyond their native places – what a wonderful preparation at 9th grade at school. ‘Kudos!’ I could say to Mahatma Montessori Matriculation Higher SecondarySchool Alagarkoil.

I have visited few school around the city of Madurai, but this one gave me what I needed – the feedback and reciprocation of intelligible thoughts and interrogations, their fluency in speech, and kin dedication in the exercises. They made my assignment easy and simple. This commendation is to let others schools around the world learn from this one.

Map reading...

The steps of giving young minds what they need at early age would definitely make it much easier for them to realize their stand and their carrier in life. They have packaged a well-designed project for the students to explore while in class. This is to say that school is not a just a place to bug the kids with complicated works and assignments which would make them lose interest in studies, but a place to also travel round the world while in classroom. This is usually practical, and not theoretical. And that is why the school has decided to invite foreign teachers and speakers to their school to give lectures on the world outside theirs.

You can see us reading map of different routes and regions of flight locations.
Finally, friendship and mutual understanding were the outcome of the day’s project with these kids; while we exchanged pleasantries, and ideas of familial togetherness. Their warm welcome remains the pavement towards accepting their second invitation soonest.

And from me, I appreciate them for having me speak and lecture these students. It is a day to remember!        

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