Monday, 15 January 2018

'What a man can do, a woman can do better', they say. But WHAT A BIRD CAN DO, NEITHER MAN NOR WOMAN CAN DO – IRONY



I stumbled upon these birds today, seeing through their jolly and smiling faces. They hopped around the cage, as I watched them carefully. These birds didn't have any hope of coming out of the cage, I wouldn't know, though I thought. However, they had been piercing through the tiny hole to make a way for themselves, but nothing happened - the holes were so tiny that they could not house them out.

These birds, though had no future I could say, remained the future for themselves, and the hope for each other. This is because, while I was still smiling at their displays, one of them needed help, as some particle clung on its head. It was funny that the affected bird didn't know that such thing was resting on its body.

I continued watching – slowly, and cheerfully, the neighbour-bird had to go close to the other, in order to help remove those particles. Surprisingly, she used her beak to pick those-things-eye-can't-see off from the other. That's kind of you lady, I smiled.

Then, I began to wonder that, even at their situation, being in a cage, they could still be each other's brother's keeper - That's wonderful! Prior to my view of them, they would have been helping each other with one thing or the other, and are still living together as one; united, and happily hopping around the little space they were given.

In a flash of light, something came to my thought – if mere birds could see through the need of each other, while in an ugly situation, how much more humanity?

So, I realize that humanity are responsible for each other’s downfall, and tend to judge and blame each other for every little challenge they pass through, without seeking for solution in one accord.

Often times, men struggle with the notion;

But it is quite shameful that what an ordinary bird can do, man and woman can’t do, or can, but WILL NOT do. Isn’t that ironical, or better funny to the ears?

Well, the message is, no matter what your situation may be, help anyone at the moment if you can. Don’t blame others for your situations, and use that for an excuse why you would not help another, or hold back not to help because someone didn’t help you. 

Most a times, it is this way;
‘Help, and you shall be helped’

Among those birds, one initiated the help-activity, by which the other learnt. This is to say that two cannot initiate a thing at once. It could however be difficult to start, but the case remains that one has to start it – start to be kind, despite your ugly situation – the economic bites, societal cum political abuse, family issues, discrimination, fights, quarrels, gender bias, religious-whatever, and so on. These are the dark cotton which would never let you see the need to help another.  

Do not let pride lock the soft path of your humility, as you join the competition of; ‘who would be the first to become humble, or help?’

This is the ugly situation of the world today. Remember, if you do not consent to think twice in regards to the above, know that;

‘What a man can do, a woman can’t do, and vice versa’, and; ‘What a bird can do, man cannot do’. Then, how do you intend to fight the Goliath, lion and the wolves of the world?


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