Tuesday, 15 March 2016

You can be successful in leadership anywhere


This subject has been a barrier for certain persons in the areas of leadership, especially when they are just in their 20’s.  Most persons might actually have opportunity to become a leader, but inexperience kick them out of the track.
One must be experienced or have what it takes to become a leader, despite the age such person is.  One thing that is for sure concerning leadership is maturity and capability to handle position in which one is assigned.  Age is never a barrier towards leadership

These points will definitely go a long way to help out.  Therefore proceed -


       You must fully be aware of the norms of your position:
 Every position one is assigned has rules, convention, pattern, constitution and orders in which it is handled.  To become a leader, you must fully be enlightened and educated towards the position you got.  Because, anyone who is not informed towards an occupation cannot handle such duties related to his occupation.  Let’s say for a CEO, he has to know the rules and ways to preside a meeting, regulate people under him and as well know how to keep good relationship with his associates.


Know that you are a leader: 
Some leaders, instead of knowing the fact they are leaders think the other way round, being a follower.  A leader is distinctive from his followers and should maintain his ground as a leader.  Also, you needn’t always let your followers know that you have no idea towards a particular issue.  Simply let them know that you will find a solution towards it.  Knowing that you are a leaders is simply seeing yourself automatically recognized by your follower, that you are one.

        You must be smart and intelligent:

 Having these qualities is not difficult.  Though some persons are not really quick in their intellectual process, but everyone has what is known as ‘initiative’.  This initiative is a sense of doing something without being told how to do it.  To be smart towards this, you should learn how to articulate and solve problems, even when it is impromptu.


           Have a guardian or mentor: 

Even most great personalities, if not all have mentors.  One who will guild them in what they do.  Sometimes, your mentor(s) will make you go a long way, especially when he is in the same field with you.  So you got to have one.


  Read and study your work:

A leader is not and should not be satisfied with his level.  Studying your work and comparing it to others more successful, will help you know that there is competition. In this regards, you will come to see yourself in great skills and tactics of gaining upper hand towards leadership.


       Respect and take advice from your partners: 

‘No one is an island’, they say, is real.  As such, you got take advice from people you work with, despite the fact you are the leader.  As long as such opinions or advice as the case may be is genuine and makes good points, there is no need to disparage them.


      Love what you do: 

A leader should not just go into it because others are leaders and crave to be one.  In regards to this, you have to love the fact that you’re a leader.  Because, those that love what they do gives more importance to it and by so doing, they make it at the top.  Whereas you have no like for what you do, try and develop a likeness towards it, you’ll make it.

Finally, aside having a mentor, associate with successful people in the same field as yours and also maintain a strong relationship with them.  It is likely that they will disclose their secret towards leadership and thereby giving you upper hand.

Hope this helps?  Do good to get in touch, so that we know whether you like it or not.
All best!

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