Monday, 21 March 2016

The song that make us laugh and cry


I sing a song, to You alone.
My mind is blown to Heav’n, Your throne.
For God alone is He I owe;
I pray to You my knees in low.
I fast a fast, You run a run;
I called a call, You said my son;
I cried a cry, my tears You suck.
I saw the days at birth A’ truck,
As he that was, is such I would.
My hands You took and say; ‘you could’
Me - thinks a lie, for it might come.
For men do watch the day to harm.
My years they see and wept a weep;
You cared for me and made me sleep.
Your love on me, is one a dream!

They sort a way to see my death,
You fought for me and made a length.
A length that is; for them to fall.
On they that kill, to You I call.
I felt their touch, to tempt a light,
You came a come, and saw their flight.
Afraid they are to come again.
Your vow to me is never in vain.
 So close You came, and such we are,
You put me there and drove my car.
A car I know not how it came,
It came for me, I thought a tame.
In You I trust, a trust for life.
Your love on me, is one a dream!

My birth is such I cannot tell.
As though I found myself a tale.
The one of those, like dream I grew
Each day I look, I run as ‘screw
I drive above, above, above!
As special as You, You made A-me!
Each day and night, You bring a key,
To me, to me and me, for me!
The day as such, feb’ry it is
I asked, they say; ‘Today is his’.
‘A child of love’, to me they call,
‘A light you be, forever it is’.
Am happy to be, a priv’lege to kiss.
Your love on me, is one a dream!

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