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Do you know?

when a child is born, has spiritual parents coming with him

The ‘parenthood’ of the world is just a physical tittle of human producer.  But the reality is, everyone on earth has more than two parents.  In fact, the biological parents are secondary, as a result, there is/ are spiritual parent(s) everyone possesses.  Though many might not know this, but that is it. The father and mother seen today are mere tools used to bring something that looks them to the world, guild them to an extent, after which the real father comes to have them.  What should we know towards this subject?  There where we truly belong and what makes us belong there.  The issue so many people face is ignorance, doubts and biased mindsets, even when they are informed towards reality.

Do you really think you have just this type of parents?
No! Not at all.

One should be in the position to ask himself; ‘Who really am I, where do I really belong to and where will I go after here?’  These questions are often overlooked because it seems irrelevant to answer but the truth is, it must be answered by all, as long as there is life in those who are human.  Every human being is designed in such a way that one person is three in one.  There is the ‘Spirit, soul and body’.  The Spirit is connected to the spiritual parents and such is determined by what one is and who he is.  ‘What’ one is, is his functions on earth, the role of his living and what defines his existence on earth, while ‘who’ someone is, is his identity; for example some people’s identity is criminally-minded, good personality,  good/bad attitude, biography, character and so on.  Bear it in mind that who one is and what one is looks and sounds similar and could easily be interchanged and misused or misunderstood, if care is not taken.  Therefore try to get it well in order to avoid misconception of thought.

The saying, which says; “By their fruits, we shall know them”, is one of the greatest determinants of one’s identity both physically and spiritually.  It is obvious that one cannot not talk of the physical happenings without the spiritual realm, in the sense that the spiritual controls the physical.  Haven known that, you will concur with me that everyone on earth has a spiritual man in him, be it good or bad.  But the case study here is, where such person got the invisible traits of spirit he possesses.  In regards to this, some people do not even know there spiritual identity and parents, while others know and are strongly aware of what evil or good they do.

There is a person who possesses you during your life-stay on earth.  But someone not visible.

This piece is just to pass across to the world at large that there exist a kind of spiritual relationship everyone acquires.  And everyone should be able to know where he belongs to because, this spirited belongingness exist in two ways.  There is the Spirit of God and that of the devil.  Yes! Both are the contradicted kingdom that is ‘in the happen’ right now and whereby one falls ignorant of where he belongs to, it is very dangerous.  Even when such person belongs to that of God and do not know, he will be kicked off the track for not knowing such.  Ignorance is really a big issue that could get anyone lost.  In the other hand, those who are for the devil and do not know, are really in big problems because, they are being used but do not know.  More so, if one knows that he is of the devil and is proud of that, the truth is, at last, there will be no good reward that will be given to such person, but condemnation of everlasting death.  Dear reader, it is good you know who and what you are and direct your identity and functions on earth for good.

The aftermath of one’s roles, identity and spiritual belongingness has great impact on such person’s life both on earth and beyond.  Don’t really do something because you want to please man or friends but do it because you know with conviction that you are doing the right thing.  One funny thing is, it is possible that those who follow the footsteps of bad fellows end up destroyed, while their mentor go free, and all these also touches life physically and spiritually.  Therefore there is a need to be very careful on the type of parents one possesses spiritually.  One thing that is sure of everyone is REWARD and is not just affected on earth but that place where one finds himself after death. Have the right parents in all doing, so that blessings would be the reward you get.


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