Friday, 1 April 2016

See how lovers' affair kill


Obviously, many people engage in premarital relationship and do have contacts meant for husband and wife.  These contacts as the case may be, leads to many things, probably not known to everyone.  Such things are as follows:
      Sharing of destiny
Premarital sexual relationship leads to sharing of destiny, as the partners are known to have given out half of their destiny and collected half.  This is why people find it difficult in dealing smoothly with life, yet they blame devil or think God doesn’t exist

      Acquisition of strange spirit
 Not everyone is human.  As such, in the course of having premarital affairs, which might be more than one, for some people; it is real that they have acquired some strange spirits from the partners they have dealt with.  And it causes hindrances in life too.

      Initiation into strange world
 Some evil spirits come to the world in the form of humans, and carry out their operations.  They often initiate people into the marine world and so on.  This is very real.


       Migration of spirits
Most lovers behave unusual because, their spirits have migrated half-way into the spirit that is responsible for premarital pleasures and such people are not complete any longer, as their spirits have migrated to a strange one. 

 The existence of diseases is not because they must be, but it’s just the wages people reap having engaged with premarital sex.  Also, there are diseases that have not yet been revealed to doctors, yet they kill secretly. It is so because, when it is revealed to doctors, they will find a way to prevent it, if not cure it.  Therefore, there exist diseases that kill silently.

       Spiritual death
Many people have diminished spiritually, as their spirit-man is finished.  It had been shared by many sexual partners and the sufferer will be totally weak, spiritually.  The effect of this include – unable to pray, fears, weakness of inner feelings and so on. 

       Interconnection of bodies
This one occur in such a way that there exist a connection among the lovers and they feel as though they are husband and wife and cannot do without each other, whereas they will not get married.  The consequences of this one is, unable to do without the partner, threat of death when separation occurs, lure one to committing suicide and so on.

Premarital relationships carries curses.  These curses exist and is transferred when a partner is been cursed by someone, and the other partner tap some amount of the curse and thereby automatically become a part of the curse-effect.  If the said curse is meant to kill, definitely, the cursed is tended to die.

        Spiritual marriage, which is forbidden
People are married into the spirit world through this engagement.  And when someone is spiritually married, it is difficult for such person to be physically married.

        Eternal condemnation
 This practice is against God and humanity and leads to hell, no two ways about it!
Therefore, repent today and be saved.  Today is not late, but tomorrow may be.

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