Thursday, 21 April 2016

Reasons people die for having pride in them


pride has killed many!

As the name suggests, everyone knows what pride is;
    1.     No one is greater than me; is pride
    2.     Why should I respect him; is pride
    3.     Who is he or she that I should go see him/her? is pride
    4.     Am a rich man, so I needn’t go beg him or apologies; is pride
    5.     If I don’t do it, who will? Is pride

The above suggest little exhibition of pride in humanity and such has killed many and or led them into a pit that is not easily dealt with.
When people are overwhelmed with pride, their life is at risk of many things which is going to be discussed; and such things are as follows:

People hate anyone who displays pride:
As no one would love to see another displaying the act of pride, it is absolutely true that anyone who displays pride is 70 percent hated by people because, people see it irritating and something moral abuse.  Moreover, the world see it that nothing good comes out people of such.  As a result of this, their lives is at risk of hatred from people, which is probably able to kill, both physically and spiritually.

Death of destiny:
Pride kills destiny, a lot.  There is a story of a young man that plays musical instrument (drums) in a church, and it happen in such a way that he’s the only one that does such in that said church, as there is no other person talented in playing drums.  But one day, pride began to eat him up and he began to see himself very great and if he doesn’t play the said instrument, no one could.  But time goes one when he couldn’t play effectively as he does and gradually, his gift and talent faded away and he struggled to play.  Suddenly, a young boy came up with the same gift of playing, who replaced him.  The recent player despite his young age, played better than the pride one.  In this regard, is real that his pride made him inefficient.  His talent was taken away and was given to another. That is what pride is capable of doing.

People who are proud receive curses:
It is confirmed that people curse those who self-elevate themselves because, it burns their heart.  Many people call them bad name, especially behind them, in that they contribute to spoiling one personality, even when good thing is coming to the proud person.  There are curses that comes to be, especially when people of certain caliber are involved.  Even though it’s not good to curse, proud person’s attitude arouses people to curse them.  Some people die as a result of curse laid upon them, and pride is one of the reasons they are cursed.

No one helps a proud person:
Every step one takes is being watched by the world.  As such, when they are in trouble and needed help, no one will like to help them.  This is it, in that the proud person thinks he knows everything.  As such, needed no help when in trouble – This is people’s mentality.  It only takes the heart of few to help such people.  ‘No condition is permanent’, they say is real.  The proud rich can be poor tomorrow and at that point, he is on his own. 

Pride has rendered many where they shouldn't be and they suffer it today.  It is important people do away pride.  To survive life is humility, no matter whom one may be. ‘Man is nothing’, is a poem that portrays that man is just an entity of container, and such is real.  Therefore, if you display the ABOVE or the likes, kindly STOP it and face reality.

Best wishes!   


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