Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Why people fail in their field of study


Nowadays, so many students do not do well in their areas of study and such depreciates the standard of their worth of being students.  This problem is not as a result of not being serious towards studies, neither is it that the affected students are not intelligent, no.  In fact, it occur to most intelligent students more than the unintelligent ones.  Moreover, students are never conscious of the danger of the problem, even though they know about it.
With the following, these mistakes are revealed and corrected:

Wrong choice of course: 
No matter how intelligent one seems to be, as long as he chose a wrong course of study, nothing could be done to excel in that area, because in the light of every course of study, they are designed according to different natural acquisition of talents and inborn capabilities to deals with, as long as schooling and studying is concerned.  The fact is, most student go into a particular course of study as a result of their friends doing the same course or because, such course is known as a professional course everyone long to belong.  But the truth is, the fact that one’s friend is studying a particular course does not mean that such person should enroll in the same course, in the sense that, people are designed for different things and should belong to those things that suites their talents.  More so, one should not also study a professional course that he knows that right from inception there is no sign of prospering in such course because, this will hamper the worth of being a student and nothing would come out of it.  Even though one manage to graduate and make first class in the said course, he will not escape the defense in his work place or any other place where it is compulsory.  Therefore, one should make the right choice of course of study which suites his talent and capability.

Unintended class of belonging:  
Most times, Universities and Colleges have it as a doctrine of awarding students with courses they never intended to study as their profession, as such, one automatically find himself where he never wanted to be.  But the mistakes students make is, accepting to study such course they know for sure they cannot ride home about.  This is dangerous too.  No matter what it may be, it is advisable that a student should reject any course given to him as a result of circumstances, which may or may not be the fault of the said University/College he intends to study.

Parental Influence: 
This one is prevalent in the society today.  This is where parents put it to their children to study what they desires and want.  But the question here is this; between the parents and their children who is responsible to face the challenges of the study? Who would take the tests and exams therein in the course of study? This is purely an error.  For no reason should a parent(s) force their wards to partake in a course they never wanted to enroll.  Most times, students complain that their parents are responsible of their studying a particular course.  Parents should not be overwhelmed with what other people be in their profession, and be enticed to force their wards to be same.  This is in the sense that parents see medical doctor, lawyers, engineers and so on, and love their children to become one.  The consequence of this is, any student whom his natural-built career and talent is not supported by the course of study, will do no good there.

Lack of being educated about the course of study:
 This one occur most times, where students do not know or have the knowledge of the course they loved to study.  The issue here is such that students would choose the course by themselves and assume they can do it, which may be true to some extent because such person have what it takes to be a part of the of study.  But the tragedy is, the concerned students do not know the work of people who study such courses. This is an issue that let student be kicked off from being professional in the areas of their field of study, after graduation.  Everything about a professional course one intends to study must be known and the profession that suites it after study.  If not, there would be a hook at the point of knowledge execution.

Wrong choice of Institution:
 If one desires to be a professional in his areas of study, he should choose and attend an institution that is professional in handling such course(s) he intends to study.  For so many reasons, students do not acquire all they needed in terms of knowledge acquisition during the course of study.  They will only realize this after graduation and when they are said to resume for work employment, they see themselves lacking the necessary experiences, skills and potentials for handling their job.  As such, this should be prevented, except for inevitable reasons of low income rate or any other thing.  If not, such persons will see themselves being a wasted years.

The above are stumbling block that hinder students from getting what they needed in academia, even when they have what it takes in terms of intelligence and buoyancy in finance to be good in their profession.  An opportunity missed is less possible to be retrieved.  Therefore one should take note of the above, with the help of their parents in order to be professionally professionals in their profession.  

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