Wednesday, 6 April 2016

You can educate yourself without going to college



  •     Everyone think that without going to school, college or university, education is not possible, in that certificate is now the order of the day and everyone wants to be a certificate holder.  But the issue here is the opposite of this certificate-holding notion.  There is a secret some people do not know, and it is knowing the fact that everyone is talented to be or have what he needs to be or have (not what he wants to be or have).  Because what one want to be is different from what he needs to be.  The want there is because you love to be that which you want to be, through practice and professional training.  But such thing will yield little or nothing when there is no training involved.  In the other hand, what one needs to be is what is good for him to be, what suites him in terms of natural gift and something that he need not apply professional training or even much practice before engaging in it.  For example, most musician, speakers, craftsmen, manager, vendor and so on did not undergo professional training before being what they are.  Such is the application of what one needs to be.  One needs to be that which his natural gift tells, so that there would be no mistakes.     

  •     In that case, anyone can educate himself in what he needs to be; by first discovering what he does naturally without stress, struggle, pain, regret, professional  training and so on.  One, haven discovered these, can start training himself in the field in which he finds himself, by starting from somewhere; which means that he should self-establish that which he finds himself suitable.  It is obvious that while one is doing something, he is learning more from it.  Even what he never thought of discovering could be discovered, probably something that no one has ever seen before and such makes him greater than others.  Therefore sitting idle is not the remedy.

  •    The problem most people face is having the notion that without going to college or university, education is not possible, as stated earlier.  Who said so?  Today, every good thing one engages himself in is a process of leaning and such could be achieved when action takes place and that action is putting what one has in terms of natural gift into practice.  Nowadays, the world is a social community where almost everything could be learned just with mobile data, with is less expensive.  Anyone can learn from YouTube or other social media motion platforms, anything he wishes to learn, without any huge cost, other than the said mobile data.

  • Obviously, most persons who graduated with their certificate have not seen any white collar job.  So, what one learn to do himself is less expensive, or without any cost.  More so, most entrepreneur who did not go to college have made it beyond some of those that are actually educated.  No education or skill acquisition cannot be found in the internet.  Though, it is good to have good commucation skill and the ability to write, which can also be learned from the net.  Therefore, educate yourself today and get to work.   

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